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Yes It’s True: There Are Only 2 Key Points to Love

I know, I know: after reading the title to this you are probably thinking, “Okay—where is she going with this one?!” Trust me, it’s nothing controversial—just some reflections I’ve had over the course of this summer about love.


Follow me now:


There are a lot of people in the world who say a whole host of things about love. And yes it is very true that love does indeed have many facets to it and can sometimes be tough. However, what I have come to discover is that every single topic of love that you can think about—every area and problem that has been put out there—all of them lead back to only 2 key points to love, and they both have to do with each individual person. These 2 points are like the nucleus of all things love related: anything and everything involving love that happens with or to a person is a direct result of the level and status of these two major areas.


Here they are:


Love what they do

In this thing called life, a person must wear many hats (partner, parent, relative, employee, boss, student, etc), and it is important that they love each and every one of those ‘hats’ 100 percent. If they don’t—let’s say they only love a few but complain about or despise the others—then they must take the time to examine those hats to find out what’s going on, what is making them feel how they do about them, and how to make them better.


Here are some things to consider—and really think about these:


  • Is it the wrong size for them?
  • Is it the correct size, but needs adjustments?
  • Is it the right style for the person?


Yes, I am still talking about life roles that a person has—not hats! But as you can see, the same principles used for a hat can also be used for roles. Apply these questions to discover and fix the problems in this area, and improvements will spread into other areas of love, too.


Love who they are

Newsflash: what a person does in life is not—I repeat—is not who they are! It is completely separate!


So often it can be easy to intertwine the two; especially if it is something that a person has been doing a very long time. But in order to live a happily balanced life, people must strive to keep what they do and who they are on their respective ends of the scale. Only when a person has a genuine love of who they are along with an understanding that who they are is separate from their life roles can they give love to other things and people in a healthy way.


When a person has these 2 key points to love in order, the love that they give to everything (and everyone) else will blossom and thrive beautifully.


In other words, every area of love in their lives will be like this:



Many would argue that love is complicated no matter what type of love it is. My opinion is that although it may be a little challenging at times, it is not complicated at all. I believe that it is really all about being brave enough to strip away all of the layers displayed for the rest of the world (and even the ones we put in our minds) and being honest with the questions:Do I really love everything that I do? and Do I really love all that I am?. Once things are completely right(or as right as they can be) with these 2 key points to love, every action, choice, and decision will reflect that, which will ultimately result in all of the other areas of love in a person’s life being right as well.




What do you think? Do you feel that’s all there is to it? Do you believe there is more or something different? Share with me below or drop me a line at: melisasource@yahoo.com.



Wife. Mom. Believer. Writer. Advocate.

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I agree those are two main factors to love 🙂 “Do I really love everything that I do?” and “Do I really love all that I am?” Those are the questions to ask yourself, but you also have to listen to the answers; if you’re not happy who do you know that can point you into the right direction you want to go in? Or it could be as simple as adding something to supplement the things that you want to change but cannot at the moment. Maybe its about adding as much things to love to your plate so… Read more »

Makeba Giles
Reply to  DjRelat7

Greetings DjRelat7! You bring up a very good point and I totally agree that listening to the answers to those questions and taking heed to them is extremely important. It will definitely protect from many of the ‘bumps in the road’ that are sometimes experienced in this journey of life. ~Thank you so much for your kind words and I appreciate you sharing here with me! 🙂

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