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Yes It’s True Pt. 2: There’s No Such Thing As a Perfect Family

The events unfolding in the Jackson family these past couple of weeks have been a hot topic of discussion. Many are stunned by all of the things that are happening. Maybe it is because the nature of the situation. Maybe it is because of the fact that the Jackson family has always been held in such high regard by millions of people around the world. Or it could be that most believe that celebrity families should never have such problems. I’m not sure. But what I do know for sure is that there is no such thing as a perfect family.


The truth of the matter is that somewhere and at some point in every family there has been something that resembled what the Jacksons are going through.


In every family there are quirks, issues, problems, and discord. All of us have either witnessed or experienced firsthand everything from slight disagreements to all-out wars raging between two or more family members. Speculations, lies, threats, alienations, and in some circumstances, even violence have all happened in everyone’s family, be it extended or immediate.


Sometimes we get lucky and things can be worked out. But unfortunately it does not always happen that way. In some cases the problems are never resolved at all.


Nevertheless, through it all family is still family. Sure the issues may cause a shift in communication and engagement with one another, but the unequivocal bond of family is still very much there it the core. A bond that was originated and cultivated by unconditional love. And we all know what is often said about love: that even though it may not happen immediately or even in the timeframe that is expected by those who have it, in time it does indeed conquer all. In fact, sometimes it is in the revelation of the imperfect that causes the family to come together in love even more. Sometimes.


In the days and weeks ahead I sincerely hope that the Jackson family can all work together to get everything straightened out. And if you are experiencing difficulties in your family right now, I encourage you to stay strong. Sure no family is perfect, but with a lot of hard work and a whole lot of love, it can definitely be pretty close, or at least to a place where things are comfortable for everyone.



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This is right on the money everything you said is true. I’m keeping the Jacksons up in prayer Lord knows they need it right now.

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