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Better Schools XQ Institute

Working Our Way To Better Schools – Then and Now

Schools are not like they used to be – especially high school. I was reminiscing about how high school was for me the other day while talking to my kids. I share with them how I attended a small high school with very little resources. My school also lacked a lot of the things that were considered typical for high schools. For instance, my school did not have a gymnasium or a real library. In addition, our textbooks and class equipment was old and worn. I shared with them that as a result, I did not feel as ready for the world when I graduated as I felt I should have. Truth be told, our curriculum felt out of touch with the rest of the world.

I told my kids how I am glad that things are better now in high schools than they were then. However, I was shocked to hear from them that although their high school is much bigger and learning methods have evolved due to technology, generally, things are still the same. My kids expressed that they do not feel as if their school curriculum is challenging them or preparing them for life beyond high school.

I never knew. And now that I do, I am very concerned and worried for my kids and their education and future. I know that I am only one person, but that does not stop me for wishing that I could do something about it to make better schools.


Better Schools XQ Institute


I wish that schools would do more to build a curriculum and learning environment that is individualized according to each student and their unique personality and specific learning style. I wish that schools of all levels would be more nurturing towards students – taking the time to identify their personal, mental and emotional needs. I wish that schools would do more to minimize and even eliminate bullying, body shaming, teasing, and the other cruelties that students do to each other. Most importantly, I wish that schools would get all of the technology, equipment, and resources they need to ensure that each and every student gets the best education possible so that they will be adequately prepared for the world and groomed for future success upon graduation.

My wish list for better schools may be long, but it is not totally impossible. The XQ Institute is working hard to make each parent’s wish for better schools for their students a reality. The XQ Institute is in service of parents and pioneers, entrepreneurs and teachers, business leaders and administrators, youth and education experts–who are joining a movement to rethink America’s schools. The goal is to use combined knowledge, rigor, and creativity to create a new model for school itself.

One of the initiatives of the XQ Institute is the Super School Project. The project will support and reward the most forward-thinking schools, districts and communities with resources, expertise and support from some of the most brilliant thinkers in America today. This competition will be designed to spark the most innovative ideas that spur excellence in education — this is a rare chance for some of our most creative thinkers to work with school leaders and community members to imagine new possibilities across every facet of a high school.

Proposals will be accepted by the Institute over the next few months. From there, the Institute will partner with the winning teams and provide them expert support and a fund of $50 million to support at least five schools over the next five years to turn their ideas into real Super Schools.

Although there is much that is needed to do to make better schools, I believe that the XQ Institute Super School Project is definitely a huge step in the right direction. Anything that allows all entities of the education community the opportunity to get involved and work together to make a positive change by investing into the futures of our youth is certainly a worthwhile cause.

Better Schools XQ Institute 


Better Schools XQ Institute The Super School Project is an open call to reimagine and design the next American high school. In towns and cities far and wide, teams will unite and take on this important work of our time: Rethinking and building schools that deeply prepare our students for the rigorous challenges of college, jobs, and life.

Better Schools XQ Institute 

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