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Why You Should Hire A Family Law Attorney


Life can be complicated, and it seems that nothing is more complicated than family relationships. Instead of trying to navigate the hard things that happens in familes sometimes, hiring a family law attorney can help to keep relationships in tact and families in agreement on the direction something should be carried out.




When spouses want to part ways, there are lots of things to consider such as finances, assets and children. Family attorneys such as Cordell & Cordell law professionals spend a lot of time understanding the tools that the law affords to help families navigate difficult decisions that surround divorce.


Divorce lawyers are typically very skilled at helping couples devide marital property, finances, spousal support and proposing plans for child visitation, custody and support if the situation calls for it.





If you are facing a situation in which paternity is in question, hiring a family practice attorney is critical. Cordell & Cordell says that family lawyers typically help to determine paternity through the use of DNA testing.


Lawyers can use the results of this test to ensure support for the child, or to secure the visitation or custody rights of fathers who’s paternity is being questioned.  Again, having an experienced attorney who can help you to navigate the issues of paternity is critical.





There are many strings attached with adoption that are sometimes hard to foresee. An experienced family practice attorney can help you with the process of adoptoin to ensure that everything is in compliance with state law.


Foster parents who want to adopt their foster children would be wise to seek counsel from an experienced attorney to make sure there isn’t anything missed when navigating that process.



As you can see, family practice attorneys certainly have their place when it comes to family relationship disputes, or decisions that need to be made that affect members of a family unit.

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