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Why It Is Really Dangerous to Follow the Crowd

Under the effect of peer pressure many people find themselves following the crowd even if they aren’t sure that they are doing the right thing.

Most people follow others blindly without questioning the direction they are moving in just because they feel safe following a large number of people.

While in some rare cases it might be right to follow the crowd still in most cases this can be one real big mistake and can result in real bad consequences.

Why you should not follow the crowd


This is why you not follow the crowd blindly:


1) Social proof theory: A theory called social proof theory states that people tend to follow the crowd when they are not sure about the direction they should take. This means a large number of people could be following others without understanding what’s right and what’s wrong! This lures more people to follow them and the result is that the majority move in a certain direction even if it wasn’t right.


2) Do people get results?:  a man who wants to be successful always looks to others for guidance and he usually follows the same path of the majority but the question this man never asked himself is, are all of those people successful? Of course not! if you want to follow a crowd then follow a successful one and in real life you will only find one successful person in between hundreds of unsuccessful ones, that’s why following the crowd makes no sense at all.


3) False beliefs and crowds: During the 80’s almost all people believed that no one can ever run a mile in less than 4 minutes but a man called roger banister managed to break that record and to prove the whole world wrong! In this case the whole world had a limiting belief and because roger didn’t follow them blindly he managed to prove them all wrong. Don’t be afraid to move in an opposite direction even if everyone is moving against you because in many cases the majority can be wrong.


4) Most people act emotionally: Most people act emotionally , without thinking wisely or acting in an emotionally intelligent way. If you always follow others because they outnumber you then sooner or later you will discover that you are taking emotional and hasty decisions that you might regret later.


So does this mean that I should never follow the crowd? — No.


I am not trying to say that you should always do the opposite of what all people are doing but instead I am just asking you to use your mind well before you take a decision.


Don’t be intimated if you found yourself moving alone because in many cases most people might be wrong.


If you found that others are right then there is no problem in following them but if you had doubts about the direction they are moving in then don’t follow them blindly.


Written by M.Farouk Radwan

The founder of http://www.2knowmyself.com.




About Our Special Guest Author:   

.Farouk Radwan has studied Psychology for 11 years and is has written eight books. He has been interviewed and featured by several TV Shows and newspapers in the Middle East. His website, 2knowmyself.com is world-renowned as a place where readers will find effective techniques that are backed by psychology and that are presented in a simple and understandable format.


You can find out more about Farouk by visiting his website and his YouTube Channel.




Wife. Mom. Believer. Writer. Advocate.

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nice post with information to consider..my husband tells the kids, :find out what everyone else is doing, then do the opposite.”

Makeba Giles
Makeba Giles
Reply to  momto8blog


I totally agree–this was indeed an awesome post and what your husband tells your children rings so true–especially in today’s society. It is so important to constantly remind our children to thoroughly examine the people and the situations around them and to be wise about the choices that they make. Nowadays, it even goes for adults, too! ~Thank you so much for commenting! 🙂


thanks for your comment: )
according to what i believe in, that’s an excellent advice 🙂


WOW! Great to see you over here at my dear friend Makeba’s site, Farouk! 🙂 Awesome post, man! I don’t so much follow the crowd anymore, but in the past I was always following on the coattails of others. It was easier, I thought, than making up my own mind. The problem would come whenever trouble approached; then I would find myself going down with the people I was originally following. I guess you can say that I’ve learned a thing or two since then. I didn’t like being punished for other people’s behaviors and idea that weren’t my own.… Read more »

Makeba Giles
Makeba Giles
Reply to  Deeone

Greetings: You certainly said it!! ~Marching to the beat of your own drum is the only way to go! I always say, ‘we were not created to fit in, we were created to stand out’, and I try to live by that everyday. The only people who will not understand it or appreciate it or those who…..follow the crowd! 😀

~Thank you so very much for commenting! 🙂

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