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Why It Is Important in Life to Give As Much As You Take

Let me ask you a few questions:  do you have a person or group of people in your life that you go to for positivity and support?  Are there people that you know without a doubt that you can depend on for an encouraging word and a listening ear no matter what–whether by phone, in-person, or otherwise?  Now let me ask you another question:


Do you always offer the same support to others in return?


There are so many people who love and expect to receive words and actions of kindness from others during their times of need, yet rarely ever do the same for someone else.  Someone mentions their troubles to them, and their thoughts are, “it’s not my problem” or “get over it”.  Some even disregard what the person has shared with them and immediately launch into a rant of their own problems, expecting the other person’s empathy.  The opportunity to help another is missed because the person was too busy focusing on helping themselves.


Think about it for a moment: we all have had a moment when we operated in this fashion during a conversation with someone who could have really used some positive energy from us, not recognizing it until well after the conversation was over.  Reflect on all of your interactions last month:


How many times did you offer a hug to someone that you could visibly see was troubled?

How many times did you say the words “I love you” to someone outside of your usual circle?

How often was someone talking to you about their problems and you eventually tuned out?

When did someone share an idea or a goal with you, only for you to dismiss it or talk it down?


If you want the gifts of love, faith, peace, hope and belief to come to you, you must be able and willing to give them to others far more than you receive them for yourself.  If the only things that you are offering out into the atmosphere are sarcasm, negativity, a deaf ear and a blind eye, then you cannot possibly expect anything more to be reciprocated when you have a time of need.  The seeds that you plant among your family, friends, acquaintances, partner, children, coworkers—and even strangers determine the emotional harvest that will be received back to you.  In other words, remember that you reap what you sow.


As you enter this new month, be sure to make a commitment to give more positive energy to others than you receive from them.  Believe me:  when you do, you will see it come back to you ten-fold.




Wife. Mom. Believer. Writer. Advocate.

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Thanks for such a soul-searching post. Even though I deem myself as a great listener and shoulder to lean on, I shall endeavor to be even more sympathetic to the plight of others.

Have a blessed Monday hun and be encouraged 🙂

Makeba Giles
Reply to  Debbie

Greetings: It’s so important to be a good listener and resource of support to others. I too have to endeavor to give more going forward day by day. ~Thank you so much for commenting! 🙂


Wow. that’s really deep. I never really thought about it that way. I agree that listening is a two way street and u have to listen to others if expect them to listen to you in return.
The effort you put into this site will come back to YOU ten fold!
great post!

Makeba Giles
Reply to  melistar

Greetings: I’m glad that the post was helpful to you! ~Thank you so much for commenting! 🙂


Wow! This was an eye opener. Something to constantly reflect on. Thanks!

Makeba Giles
Reply to  Macy

Greetings: This was indeed an eye-opener for me as I wrote it–as the words came to me, I began to realize the areas that I need to improve in. I’m glad that you found it helpful too. ~Thank you so much for commenting! 🙂


I also consider myself a good listener, But reading this makes me think about it. What about if I am not – I can always try too be better.

Makeba Giles
Reply to  Anna

Greetings Anna — and welcome!

Being a good listener is so important–I too often ask myself if I’m truly giving my all at listening during conversation. I think that the very act of asking and exploring the question proves that you care and genuinely want to try to be better; which is what being a good listener is all about. 🙂

I’m glad that you enjoyed the post. ~Thank you so much for commenting! 🙂


I don’t know how I missed this one, but I’m certainly glad I ran across it! I have found myself guilty of this one a few times. Not only am I guilty, but I also have had some peeps in my circle that aren’t too good at paying it forwards as well. So having been on both sides of the fence, I can truly say that this is so dead on point! Some of us just aren’t aware that we are doing it though. I think it’s mostly human nature to want someone to consider what we have going on,… Read more »

Makeba Giles
Reply to  Deeone

Greetings: Thank you so much and I absolutely agree with you Deeone: sometimes-especially when we’re going through a time that’s really rough-we focus more on getting the other person to understand us or lift us up or ‘feel our pain’ than we do the situations and feelings that they may be experiencing. At times it’s really hard, but it’s always important to make sure that the empathy, sincerity and support is a two-way street. If we want it, we must make sure we’re giving it to others. ~Thank you so much for commenting! 🙂


Hey! Thanks for this post… I have done this, recently. Too busy trying to get my point across to acknowledge the other person’s problems. Great post, this was an excellent reminder.

Makeba Giles
Reply to  phoenixstar9

Greetings: Yes sometimes life can get so busy that the act of taking more than giving can be a easy thing to slip into without being aware of it. This can especially be true when it comes to communication and difficult life situations–we get so caught up in own own problems that we forget that the very people that we’re looking to for a listening ear have their own share of problems, too. The important part is to try to catch ourselves before we impair the communication too severely to recover. I am so glad to know that this post… Read more »

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