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why I choose luvs #luvscoupon

From Motherhood To Grandmotherhood, Why I Choose Luvs


This post was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Luvs. I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.


It is tough enough being a new mom. However, when you are a young new mom, things can really get crazy. It can be a real ‘learn on the fly’ experience, having to discover what works best for your baby simply through trial and error.

That is what happened with me. When I became a new mom at 18 year old, I was unsure of many things, especially what brand of diaper to use. My initial thought was, ‘the more expensive they are, the better they are.’ However, after a few tries of different brands of pricey diapers, I realized that they were not the best for my little girl at all. I dealt with constant diaper leaks and tears, sagging or gripping too tightly on the legs from being an improper fit, and closures coming apart at the sides. A soaked bottom causing my baby to be unhappy—I went through it all. Dismayed yet still determined, I knew that there had to be something better out there for her.


why I choose luvs #luvscouponThen, I tried Luvs. It only took a few out of the box for me to see that they were the diaper I had been looking for for my daughter! Leakage and tearing problems became a thing of the past. My baby’s bottom was always dry thanks to Luvs’ Leakguard Core design. As she grew and the needed sizes changed, the fit of Luvs diapers stayed the same – the contoured shape eliminated those horrible imprints between my baby’s legs that used to happen with the other diapers. And no matter how many times I would have to check her diaper, the refastenable stretch tabs stayed secure. Both of us slept peacefully through the night because Luvs are super-absorbent. On top of all of that, Luvs came at a great value, too. Unlike the other brands, there were a ton of diapers in one pack for a small price—which was great for me since I was on a really tight budget.

That was over twenty years ago! And I loved Luvs so much that I used them with the next three children that followed after my firstborn (yes it’s true: all 4 of my kids are Luvs babies! 🙂 ). And while my kids are older now, my love for Luvs has not stopped. Every friend and family member who’s expecting, I tell them why I choose Luvs for them to use with their babies. And since I’ve had four babies of my own, they know that I know what I am talking about!


I recently became a first-time grandmother to a beautiful baby boy! Even now as I have entered into the grandparent phase of life, I make sure to supply my grandson with Luvs diapers. And when my new granddaughter arrives this summer, she will be a Luvs baby, too!

why i choose luvs

There is no question about it: as an experienced mom, I would never recommend or trust any diaper for babies other than Luvs! Out of all of the brands out there, it is simply the best—and keeps getting better!


 Why I Choose Luvs

*Luvs with NightLock, the official diaper of experienced moms, helps to lock away wetness  – even overnight – with Luvs’ largest absorbency area ever. Try them out for your baby with the special Luvs coupon that will be printed in the Sunday newspaper exclusively on April 12 for $3.00 off two boxes of Luvs!


why i choose luvs


Learn more about the Luvs difference with videos, interactive features, and more by visiting the Luvs website. You can also connect with Luvs on Facebook and Twitter.

 Why I Choose Luvs

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Congrats on the new arrival. Love how you’re keeping the legacy alive with Luvs!


I always used Luvs with my boys when they were babies. I was always very happy with them!


When one of our kids has a baby, we always take a package of diapers each time we go visit. I think the last pack we bought was Luvs.


Congratulations on becoming a grandmother for the first time! I bet you will make sure he gets his LUVS diapers!

Catherine S
Catherine S

Congratulations on the grand baby. Luvs sounds like a really great product.

Marcie W.

I remember using LUVS when my babies were little and was very impressed with how well they handled leaks. I am sure they have only gotten better now.


I know quite a few moms who use Luvs. I find everyone has their own personal preference.


I used Luvs for one of my kids and they worked well. I thought the smell of them was more fresh (obviously before being soiled in) than other diaper options for comparable prices.


Luvs was always my go to diaper for my kids too. They always worked really well. Glad to see they are still one of the top diapers out there. Congrats on the new grandchild! Enjoy!


Congrats on grandparent status. I’ve got that there too (and I love Luvs), it’s a pretty awesome gig. 😉

Amanda O.

I never tried Luvs when my kids were little, but I hear great things about the brand. If I have another, I’ll definitely give them a try!


I hear so many great things about Luvs. I wish we had them in Canada. I saw a photo from when I was a baby and there was a box of Luvs. I’m wondering why they aren’t here anymore. Would love to try them. They sound great!


When Josh was a baby Luvs were always our first choice! I always told my friends to choose Luvs!

Ann Bacciaglia
Ann Bacciaglia

Luv’s is a great brand of diapers. I used them when my kids were little. This is a great coupon. I will share it with my friend that has two little ones.


Lots of our friends choose loves. They find them to be a great diaper. Thank you for sharing.


With my first kid I was all about the “name brand” of diapers. But once we had 2 in diapers it didn’t take me long to learn that less expensive didn’t mean lower quality. LUVS was what we used after that!

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