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When Tough Love is Necessary: Taking Responsibility for Your Loved One Living with Addiction

As such, at some point, when it seems that your loved one who is living with addiction is incapable of making the right decision for themselves, it falls to another. After all, to love someone dearly is to sometimes help them when they either don’t realize they need help, or they refuse it themselves.

However, florida state law on substance abuse can be confusing. Your rights and your loved one’s right might not be the clearest thing, and as such, you may not know if it’s right of you to force them to receive help. Not to mention, the legal jargon typically used in documents is confusing in itself. As such, you require aid.


A Hard Decision

If you have considered filling out Florida Marchman Act forms, then you understand that it is time for your loved one to receive help. Whether it’s a drug addiction, alcohol addiction, sex addiction, or many of the other issues out there like gambling, there comes a point where the actions of the one start to affect the many. Addiction is an awful disease that can impact everyone in its vicinity.

For one, the user themselves may see health problems if they’re partaking in drug and alcohol addiction. For prolonged use, they might develop cancer, bone loss, or could have to live off of medication in order to have their brain chemistry corrected for the rest of their lives. It can also take a financial toll as drugs and alcohol don’t typically come cheap.

For those with sex addiction, there may be emotional problems that arise. If your loved one had to seek attention outside of the marriage, or whether you, yourself, was sexually assaulted or raped as a result of their addiction, it’s a burden that many have to bear. There’s also the risk of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases or developing HIV/AIDS.

For the gambler, the problem can be more than just financial. Certainly, the most obvious is the sudden loss of funds for bills and mortgages. It can put the family in a tough spot. You may even find yourself homeless. Or, depending on where they were pulling the money from, your child’s education fund may suddenly be depleted, and they may not be able to attend the college that they had originally intended to study at and attend. Besides financial, gambler addicts lose out on time with their loved ones. They’re too busy playing the game or placing their bets, and they miss out on adventures to be had with their family. This can create emotional turmoil.


Marchman Services

Besides offering you the forms in which you can sign the petition to have your loved one taken and given treatment to treat their addiction, the staff at Marchman Act can help you through the process. Step by step, they can explain to you what certain parts of the Act mean and what, exactly, you are signing up for in regards to your loved one.

The process is simple in design. You will fill out the paperwork and then deliver it to the Clerk of Court. They’ll send it to the Sheriff who will then serve it to your loved one. Both of you will be required to attend court where you will be asked to explain why you feel your loved one requires help. From there, the General Magistrate will decide if the petition will be approved or not. Because everything has to be done according to order and rule, if there is something wrong or missing in your original paperwork, it will be returned to you until the missing information is received. This can cause further delays which could be a time your loved one doesn’t have.

living with addiction

By receiving and relying on the help that Marchman Act Services can provide, you can ensure that the paperwork is ready to go from the start. They’ll also assist you throughout the court proceedings, so you know what is happening, and what you need to do next. If all goes well, the court will approve your petition, and your loved one will be taken to a place where they can receive the help they so desperately need and break their addiction.

Obviously, this particular amount of force used to help your loved one living with addiction isn’t easy. However, sooner or later, your loved one is going to appreciate the hard decision you made to help them.

Living with Addiction

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