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What’s Holding You Back? Breaking the Mold of Mediocrity

It can be so easy to be convinced that the comfort zone we have created for ourselves is the absolute best place to be, that we soon believe that we are ‘winning’ in life when in fact we are truly losing.


Yes, we have our lives together, and that’s all fine and good, but let’s look a little deeper—when we take a moment to be real with ourselves, we find that there is an entire list of things that we have not yet done that we would like to do. Places we want to go. Dreams that we want to explore and goals that we want to accomplish. But because of our ‘real world’ we have concluded in our minds that those things can never happen—unless of course we win the lottery, right?


And deep down inside we know that is a lie.


So, I ask you the question: What’s really holding you back from doing the things you’d like to do? Is it:

  • Fear of the unknown?
  • Worry of making a mistake?
  • The opinions of others?
  • The appearance of your dreams and wishes (too hard, too far away, etc.), or

The all-time favorite:

  • The comfort zone of the familiar



When you reduce and contain yourself to your comfort zone you hinder your growth in every area. Point blank. Remember: No matter what status you are in life, you can always go higher. The continuance of feeding yourself the biggest lies ever of “I’ve made it” and “I’m all good” will keep you captive in the mold of mediocrity. Time does not stop or slow down for anyone, and it most certainly does not rewind. Before you know it, your whole life will have passed you by; and your body will no longer be capable of doing and handling the things that it can right now. When that moment comes—and it will—all you will have available to you are the thoughts of “if only”.


Life is much too short—and it’s becoming even shorter. If now is not the right moment for you to live a full life, when will it be? The times of procrastination and excuses could instead be ones of planning and execution. Review your time and make sure that you are using it wisely to avoid a ton of regret later on. Don’t diminish the idea of improving your life just because you feel that it’s not possible. It is.


You don’t have to start off large. Simple things such as changing your look or completely redesigning your living space can be great places to begin (When was the last time you made simple changes in your life?). Start planning and saving for a trip you have always wanted to take—and make a commitment not to let anything keep you from going. You will be surprised how your smaller actions will create a ripple effect of motivation for doing bigger things towards living to the fullest.


Yes it is true that it may not be easy for you at first, but just remember that on the other side is a more happier and satisfying existence—and you will never experience that feeling if you remain inside your mold of mediocrity. If you desire it, you have to step out to it and do the things that need to be done to make it happen.


The selection for today says it best:

If you really want to – Live.



Enjoy today’s Music Monday’s selection, “Live Your Life” by Malaysian artist Yuna.



Have a song that would be perfect for Music Mondays? Share with me below or tell me about it at: melisasource@yahoo.com.





Wife. Mom. Believer. Writer. Advocate.

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Deeone Higgs

WOW, Makeba! We really are in tuned today. I’m checking out the post and when I get to the selection you have for us today – I’m like -OMG!! That’s the same message of my reflections today. A client asked me over the weekend, “How do I live my life?” I had many thoughts that rushed through head, but it’s actually a very simple answer, isn’t it? We as humans make the question hard. We see ourselves as our worst enemies, and wonder why we are constantly working against ourselves. I believe that our perception of ourselves have more power… Read more »

Makeba Giles
Makeba Giles
Reply to  Deeone Higgs

Greetings: this is a word that has been strong in the atmosphere lately all around, hasn’t it?! I truly believe that the Universe is speaking strongly and putting out a call to everyone to detach from an a life of mediocrity and to begin to really live fully. Most times the hardest thing to do in life is to get started with our dreams and goals. You are so right–many times we really are our worst enemies. That is one of the reasons why I love this song by Yuna so much because the words give inspiration to get out… Read more »


This is sooooo Perfect love the music also

Makeba Giles
Makeba Giles
Reply to  Robbyne

Greetings Robbyne! I’m so very glad that you enjoyed this one! ~Thank you so much for commenting! 🙂

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