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What Gabby Douglas Olympic Performance Taught Me: Everything May Not Be Meant for You

I was disheartened about Gabby Douglas Olympic performance in the remaining portions of Gymnastics. Even so, it reminded me of something that I had long forgotten: everything may not be meant for you.


Sure, it’s there and available for you to achieve, but does that mean it is designated for you? Not necessarily so.


That does not mean that you do not give your all to attain it; it just means that should you fall short of achieving it, you keep a level head about it, take a moment to put things into perspective, and keep moving.


There are plenty folks who heavily criticized Gabby Douglas for (in addition to other things) her performance in the uneven bars and beam events. But did they ever think about the possibility that winning the gold medal in those 2 events was not in the Divine plan of her destiny?


Maybe it was meant for Gabby Douglas to only win the All-Around individually. Maybe her Divine path solely called for her to be the 1st African-American to win gold in that category. In a generation plagued with an abundance of negative images of young women, maybe her purpose was to be a new and positive role model for young girls all over the world—to inspire them to believe that fame and success comes in far more forms than just the ones that they are accustomed to seeing/hearing every day. With the expectation of millions of dollars in endorsements alone, maybe those 2 wins(All-Around and Team gold) were all that was needed to ensure she and her family would never have to struggle again like before.


Maybe in those 2 wins, Gabby Douglas fulfilled her Divine destiny—or opened the door to a destiny that reaches beyond the Olympic games.


Often we can be in a place in life where we see a host of other things that we want to have or desire to be, and when we do not (or cannot) attain those things, we get frustrated or even discouraged. We start to over-analyze everything: picking through our shortcomings and weaknesses with a fine-tooth comb and going through our laundry list of “shoulda-woulda-coulda’s”. Sometimes we even resort to playing the blame game, finding fault in everything and everyone in our immediate path.


However, it is possible that those things that we yearned for so badly were not even meant for us. Maybe—just maybe—what we have at this moment is exactly what we were to accomplish in this life. Or maybe everything that we are right now says we are indeed on the correct paths to our Divine destinies—a higher destiny that extends far beyond what we are seeing on the surface; a destiny that we have yet to conceptualize in our minds.


So the next time you find yourself discouraged over a something that you tried at but did not attain, remember the Gabby Douglas Olympic performance. Gain comfort in understanding that the thing(s) that you aimed for may not have been meant for you—that there is a great possibility that something much greater is on the horizon for you instead. Take a good inventory of everything in your life (without over-analyzing), and realize that all that you have achieved so far, all that you are in this moment, has placed you in the very spot in life that was meant for you to be.



Wife. Mom. Believer. Writer. Advocate.

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Sometimes we are so quick to dismiss the failures, but failures can be the biggest opportunity to let God shine His benevolence n us. I felt bad that Gabby didn’t perform well, but she still performed. She is an inspiration to people who think they can’t, or won’t even try. This post was a wonderful reminder of God being a part of ALL of our lives, not just when we are in need.

Terry L

Superb article & agree. Hoping more people take what we got out of her historical effort. Great job MelisaSource

Janeane Davis

An interesting approach to the idea of what is and is not failure.


That is very comforting to see things that way. I like to think that I tell myself that all the time. I am exactly where I am supposed to be. God will put things in my path when it is time for me to move onto the next step. Through Him all things are possible. I am excited to see another young female to be a role model to our young women. There are so many negative images out there, idolizing unhealthy images. Its great to have an alternative.

The Cubicle Chick

VERY good post, girlie. I am proud of Gabby for what she DID accomplish, not what she DIDN’T. it doesn’t take away from her making history or her two gold medals.

I always say: “What’s for me is for me” and it’s a great way to remind myself that everything I think is for me isn’t. He always is in control.

Thanks for posting!

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