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What Black Men Should Know About Prostate Cancer faith health and home lifestyle media

What Black Men Should Know About Prostate Cancer


In 2020, it was estimated that more than 191,000 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer making it one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in men in the U.S. And while prevalent, evidence suggests the disease is more common, aggressive and deadly among Black men compared to other racial groups.



According to the American Cancer Society:


In 2019, almost 30,000 cases of prostate cancer cases were expected to be newly diagnosed in Black men, accounting for 30% of all cancers diagnosed in this specific group.


One in seven Black men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, compared to one in eight white men.


Prostate cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer deaths in Black men; and Black men are 2.2 more times more likely to die from the disease than white men.


There is also evidence that suggests that aggressive prostate cancers are more common in Black men.


It is estimated that 5,350 Black men died from the disease in 2019.


what black men should know about prostate cancer faith health and home lifestyle media 2


That’s why during Black History Month, people around the country are raising awareness of the disparities that contribute to healthcare inequities in the Black community.



St. Louis Siteman Cancer Center Surgeon and Urologist Dr. Arnold Bullock shares important information on what all men, especially Black men, can do to better understand why this population of men are disproportionately affected, in addition to sharing information around the prostate cancer screening process.



Also joining this important discussion is Washington University-St. Louis Radiation Oncologist Dr. Lannis Hall, who provides information on prostate cancer risk factors, signs and symptoms and advice on how Black men and their loved ones can advocate for their health to ensure earlier diagnosis and treatment of the disease. 




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