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Weekend Bonding With My Daughter: The Tradition Continues


Weekend bonding with my daughters has been a tradition ever since they were born. Every weekend, I wash and style their hair for the week ahead, and I use the time to create small talk and catch up on the things that are happening in her world. Our talks are often about the latest fashion trends, events at school, and her thoughts and ideas for the future. I started weekend bonding time with my oldest daughter Rebel some twenty years ago, and the tradition has carried on to my youngest girl, Lady T. I have found through the years that by simply taking the time to hear my youngest daughter out and listen to what’s on her mind, our bond grows closer.



Me enjoying weekend bonding time with my youngest daughter several years ago.


My little girl is not so little anymore. However, things haven’t changed. I still set aside every weekend to wash and style her hair for the upcoming week, and I still use the time spent to chat with her about everything that is going on in her life. We laugh—and we may even cry—but the lines of communication we have as result of our bonding time are wide open enough that she feels completely comfortable with coming to me when she needs me.


IMG_20150717_132023385_HDR aa

Even though she’s taller than me, she’ll always be Mommy’s little girl. We treasure our bonding time together.


That is how I always want things to be between us: comfortable. And I know that most of it begins with establishing moments through traditions with her that feel as comfortable as possible. I do my best to create that comfort with each and every interaction that we share with each other.

To ensure that she is comfortable during our weekend bonding time, I wash her hair in the same place – our cozy kitchen. When the weather is warm, I may style her hair outdoors in our backyard. During the colder months, I will pull out our large floor pillows and style her hair by the fireplace. And I always use Just For Me hair products because I know they will cause her minimal discomfort during the washing and styling process.

Just For Me’s hair care line is the best for being extra-gentle when it comes to caring for hair of all textures and types. I used Just For Me products on my oldest daughter’s soft and fine hair during her youth, and now I use Just For Me on my youngest daughter’s coarse and thick hair. With both of my daughters, Just For Me provides a worry-free, comfortable detangling and washing experience with beautiful results every time.  Their new Hair Milk Collection is enriched with a blend of natural ingredients, including shea butter, soymilk and honey, seals in moisture to help soften hair and prevent breakage that can occur while combing to detangle hair. It truly detangling and washing my daughter’s hair to an even higher level by delivering tug-free manageability before, during and after the wash phase. My daughter’s hair is left so silky and manageable that I can run my fingers through it.


Weekend Bonding

Just For Me provides worry-free, multi-textured hair care solutions that moms can trust for their kids.


PicMonkey Collage bbbbbbbbb

The Just For Me Pre-Wash Softening Detangler ensures a snag-free prepping and washing experience for my daughter.


this 7

Just For Me Moistursoft Sulfate-Free Cleanser washes away oil and residue, and makes my daughter’s hair silky enough to get my fingers through with ease as I wash.


this 8




Even as my daughter has now entered in to her teen years, she still looks very forward to our weekend bonding time together. I feel that not only says a lot about how secure she feels in sharing her world with me, but also how comfortable and enjoyable Just For Me products makes the whole experience wonderful.


this 10

Hair styled and ready for back to school thanks to Just For Me Hair Milk products.



Weekend Bonding


Just For Me Hair Milk products are available for $5.49 (standard retail price) at Walmart. Use Just For Me Hair Milk products this school year for your daughter, and join in their #5FingerChallenge movement – a commitment from Just For Me that their products will keep your precious daughter’s hair manageable, beautiful, and tangle-free. To learn more, visit the Just For Me website here. You can also connect with Just For Me on Instagram and Twitter.

Weekend Bonding


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Anne V

What a great way to spend the weekend with your lovely daughter. My kid and I on the other hand tend to do arts and crafts projects for our own mother-daughter bonding. 🙂


What a way to bond with your daughter. It’s no wonder my friend’s daughter is so attached to her mom than her dad. What can I say, moms understand their daughter better than anyone else.


I love that you two make time for each other. That’s right, listening and talking to them would be the secret to keeping a close relationship. Good job, keep it up!


aww, you have such sweet relationship with your girl! are those rocks on the hill in the background of your photo with your girl?


I love the bond you have with your daughter. It’s very important that we as parents make our children feel comfortable enough to talk with us about anything. That way there is no secrets and no lies.


Bonding moments between moms and daughters are precious and should be cultivated more. Girl activities are great way to share light moments as well as get children to be comfortable in opening up with their moms. I like what you are doing. 🙂


This is such a great idea for a mother-daughter bonding time. Although I’m not talented in hair styling or even in braiding. :p


You and your daughter are like my mom and I 🙂
My weekends are always for mother-daughter bonding too. It’s something that we have been doing since I was a little girl and it’s always something that I look forward to after a long work week.

I’d love to try Just For Me Hair Milk products. I hope we have it here in my country.


Bonding time can be anytime as long as it’s the hearts and minds that connect and not our social apps!


She looks happy and content, and you guys look very happy together.

Love Min

Talking to your daughter and giving her the chance to express her emotion and anything on her mind is the key to a better communication. Kudos to you.


oh what a good tradition! I love the care you are taking to bond with your daughter. We just started something here too – the weekend dim sum lunch with my boys 🙂


The weekend bonding time is a nice tradition you have maintained with your daughter. This really helps her growing up.


This sure looks like a great fun weekend for the mother and daughter. Hopefully that shampoo will work out in the future.


Enjoy while the fun is there. You have sweet and lovely daughters. how tall is your eldest one?

Sunshine Kelly

I usually dedicated my Saturday & Sunday for my family bonding time. Nothing better than spending quality time with my family.

hannah gee

It is so lovely that you are abe to still carry out this weekly with your daughter. We are sometimes so busy that this isn’t always possible. Times to be cherished whether you do something or nothing together, it is the time that is precious.


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