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Walgreens Healthcare Clinic #Walgreens #Healthcareclinic #shop #cbias

Why I Use @Walgreens Healthcare Clinic To Manage My Family’s Well-Being



Walgreens Healthcare Clinic #Walgreens #Healthcareclinic #shop #cbias


Having three kids in the house, I am aware that I must be ready to handle whatever health concern or emergency comes my way. Like the time when Jedi sprained his ankle during his team practice, or when Lady T had a serious asthma attack one night after dinner, or even the time when I got strep throat. In these situations, I turned to the Walgreens Health Care Clinic verses our primary care physicians to care for our needs.


Don’t get me wrong: I adore our primary physicians. However, having been a mom for nineteen years, I have had plenty of moments when a child needed medical care and the doctor’s office was closed. And times when there was an immediate need required for school, but the appointments were all booked up for weeks. I’ve also been advised myself to “just go to urgent care or the hospital ER” more times than I care to remember, only to be met there with an astronomical fee and long waiting times. The stress of it all is just too much to bear—especially when you’re already in a stressful situation. That’s what made me decide to look for more options for managing my family’s well-being.


The Walgreens Healthcare Clinic has been such a wonderful resource for me since their inception years ago (back when they were ‘Take Care Clinic)! I have used them for school and sports physicals, vaccines, screening and treatment of illnesses, bumps and bruises, and much more. The Healthcare Clinic is a godsend to me because of their convenience of locations and being able to be seen, serviced, and out in under an hour—most times even less. I also love the flexibility of paying by either my health insurance or out-of-pocket directly. At every location I’ve visited, the staff has always been friendly and helpful. Not only do they give my children and me proper medical treatment, they also give me valuable prevention and health management information, which is also extremely beneficial. Most of all, the Clinics are affordable, their hours extend well beyond those of traditional doctor’s offices, and appointments are never necessary.



The service area of the clinic is welcoming and comfortable.



#shop #walgreens healthcare clinic

The sign-in screen shows a listing of the many services available


I know how anything can happen at any given moment. Someone can get injured while playing in the backyard or in their rooms. Or, with the startup of the school year, one of them can suddenly become ill and need immediate medical attention. I take great comfort in knowing that I can always trust Walgreens to help me in keeping everyone in my family healthy. With a host of locations in my area of St. Louis and nationwide, I know that if a situation arises, our wellness is taken care of wherever we are. For years to come, I’ll trust the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic as the total wellness solution for my family’s health needs.



*Walgreens offers a wide range of convenient healthcare services for the whole family. To learn more:

  • Visit the Walgreens HealthCare Clinic website
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  • Explore more of the environment of the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic by clicking >Here<

Walgreens Healthcare Clinic

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Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families

I would love to try this service but our local Walgreens doesn’t have a minute clinic yet. It is nice to be able to go to the doctor and be seen quickly, as a busy mom this is very important to me.

Thank you for sharing.

Summer Davis

I love that you’ve been using the Walgreens healthcare clinic for so long! It’s great to have a good option when your doctor isn’t available for you.

And DANG, GIRL! Shut UP! There is NO Way that you’ve been a mom for 19 years. You look GREAT!

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