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Feel Good For Yourself And For Others In Need With Walgreens Get a Shot. Give a Shot.® Campaign


It took me some time, but I have finally gotten all of the kids squared away with their needed immunizations for the school year. Now it is time for me to focus on keeping myself healthy! One of the very first measures I take at the start of the school year is making sure all of my immunizations are up-to-date. I also prepare for the months ahead by getting the seasonal flu vaccine.

Because I know that my doctor’s office is usually busy this time of year, I avoid the frustration of trying to sync available appointment dates with my hectic schedule, and instead head to the Walgreens Health Care Clinic in my neighborhood. In addition to being fast and convenient, getting my immunizations there also allows me to help kids in need receive immunizations too under Walgreens Get a Shot. Give a Shot.® campaign.


#getashot give a shot walgreens

Get a Shot

#getashot give a shot walgreens

The Get a Shot. Give a Shot.® campaign helps customers to make a world of difference by getting their flu shot at Walgreens. For every immunization administered, Walgreens will donate a lifesaving vaccine to children in a developing country.

The vaccines donated through the campaign help protect children from diseases like measles and polio. Since I know firsthand how important immunizations are for children, it makes me feel good inside to know that I am lending a hand in giving kids in need a better chance at living a healthy life.

.Get a ShotDid You Know:

1 in 5 children around the world does not have access to the vaccines they need to survive?

Around the world, a child dies every 20 seconds from a disease that can be prevented by a vaccine?

The number of children dying every year from preventable diseases in developing countries is nearly

equivalent to half the children entering kindergarten in the U.S?

There truly is no easier way to give a shot at life by helping provide a life-saving vaccine for children around the world who need them most.

Get a Shot

I love that “Get a Shot. Give a Shot.®” is a campaign that I can participate in every year! It simply takes getting my seasonal flu vaccine or any other immunization at Walgreens. It sounds small, but it makes such a big difference in a child’s life…



Walgreens offers a variety of flu vaccine options nationwide – locate the one nearest you and learn how easy it is for you to #GIVEaSHOT by clicking HERE.


Get a Shot


A Walgreens pharmacist will be able to help determine what is right for you. Help them build on their 7 million vaccinations donated to-date by getting your flu shot early at your neighborhood Walgreens location. Help spread the word by posting a selfie of you and the Walgreens bandaid received after the immunization. Simply use the hashtag #giveashot on social media to show that you are making a difference in the world!

From July 1, 2015 to August 31, 2016, for every immunization administered, Walgreens will donate $0.18 to the United Nations Foundation, up to a maximum donation of $2,000,000. For more information, go to Walgreens.com/GetaShot. Vaccines subject to availability. State-, age- and health-related restrictions may apply.

Get a Shot

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It is indeed important to be and stay healthy! I have to admit that I do like companies – regardless of their domain – that give something back, get involved in the community, have a program that helps others. It’s nice to find out that a clinic donates vaccines to those who need them and don’t have access to them!


Local drugstores do this vaccination thing here too, for adult flu shots. I hope they would also to do the donation part of this promo.

Elizabeth O.
Elizabeth O.

This is such a nice cause. There’s nothing better than to at least try to help kids who need it the most.


this seems like a nice move for walgreens. the service is getting nearer to communities.

Kai, http://www.lilpink.info


This is so commendable to give vaccinations to poor kids and helping them. These communities services are getting really good.


this is really a very meaningful campaign! while keeping yourselves and your family healthy, you’ll help a child in need too! a good move for walgreens indeed!

Anne V

I actually don’t do vaccines, for 10 years now. My kids, my husband and I don’t get sick even when the whole neighborhood does. Even though they’re contagious we don’t catch the virus they have, this is due to the healthy lifestyle we’re living. 🙂

Cheryl F.

It is very important to have immunization complete. That is why i’m making sure my son gets the right vaccine at his age. This is a great advocacy by the way.


As a nurse, I highly believe in the importance of vaccines. This sounds like a well thought of campaign that people should definitely consider!

Sunshine Kelly

This is noble campaign by Walgreens. I alreday had my Flu Shot early this year it helps to boost my body immune system. Thanks


This is such a great idea. You already get yourself protected, and help someone get protected too! Does Walgreens say which community they give the shots to?


This is a great initiative by Walgreens. Kids would have a better chance with more vaccination available.


There were 2 school of thoughts. Some felt that giving kids vaccine shots is not good while most find it good. Regardless, I like this Walgreen’s campaign in for making it simpler and more accessible to people.


I was very shocked & bothered by the “did you know” facts. I’m glad that Walgreens is helping out this way. I hope many other companies invest their efforts to this kind of causes.

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