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Timeless Timepieces: 4 Reasons To Wear a Watch


Watches are special accessories. Choosing to use one makes a statement about the wearer. Perhaps they are trendy and have the latest and greatest watch with all the bells and whistles, or maybe they are wearing a worn but beloved one that belonged to their grandfather.


There are plenty of reasons to use a timepiece and not all of them have anything to do with keeping track of the time. Here are some ideas for why to wear a watch below.


Reasons To Wear a Watch


1. Convey Personality

There are billions of people in the world and each of them has their own distinct lives and hobbies. Because there are so many different kinds of watches, there is something suitable for nearly everyone. A model that is on the cutting edge of fashion today is great for people who live a lifestyle that demands they be up-to-date at all times, while a comfortable, traditional style may be best for someone who needs it for practical reasons and doesn’t plan to purchase a new one every year or two.


Someone who needs something durable would do well trying out reactor watches, which can work in and out of the office. Some people may find that they need to have multiple watches that can be swapped out depending on the activity. A fancy work model can be taken off at the end of the day before being exchanged for a model that can handle a scuba diving lesson or a grueling workout. Somebody who is sentimental and family-oriented may prefer to show off their great-grandparent’s watch wherever they go. There are camouflage styles for hunters, neon for someone with a funky style and even some that show the phases of the moon for dreamers.





2. Attractive

A beautifully crafted watch is a fantastic accessory, merging function with style. Putting one on can complete any look and elevate the simplest outfits. The first thing anyone notices about it is how it looks. Even when they are built to be sturdy, they are still constructed with aesthetics in mind. No matter how perfectly it functions, if it is unattractive, then no one will want to put it on.


All sorts of colors and materials can be used to fashion a watch and the different combinations speak to different people. Many of them are built so that the bands can be swapped out, allowing for one timepiece to match different outfits and serve in many kinds of situations. There is no need to leave it at home because it does not go with a particular outfit, simply attach a new band and head out.




3. Politeness

Some people decide against wearing a watch since cellphones keep time for them. While it is true that cellphones have a clock function, it can also be seen as incredibly rude to pull one out during an important meeting or social function. Glancing at a watch is much more inconspicuous and does not come with the added temptation of checking notifications or getting sucked into an app. It is easy to check the time on a cellphone and realize that fifteen or twenty minutes have passed during a “quick” peek at a social media timeline.




4. Family Treasures

For some people, having the latest model may be fun and glamorous, but it can’t compare to the feeling they get from using a family heirloom. Choosing to wear an old favorite of a beloved relative and be reminded of all the stories that have been passed down from generation to generation is a real gift. They are likely not suitable for all situations, as it is usually not a terrific idea to bring a hundred-year-old piece of family history on a spelunking adventure, but for special occasions they are priceless.


Not everyone has something that has been handed down, but it is never too late to start a tradition. While it may be hard to look far into the future, one purchased for everyday use just might end up being handed down and treasured for another century.




So, when out looking for a new watch, don’t take the decision lightly. Get something that is practical for the purpose it is being purchased for, that fits into the budget comfortably and, most importantly, is a design that is really loved.


Reasons To Wear a Watch

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