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Time to Buy a New Refrigerator

Wondering Whether It’s Time to Buy a New Refrigerator? Here Are Some Signs

Your refrigerator is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your kitchen, ensuring food is safe and stored in a proper manner. There are some obvious signs that replacement is necessary – such as warm food – but sometimes there will be subtler indications that are important to be aware of. Read on for some hints that a new fridge is in your near future.

Time to Buy a New Refrigerator

The Back Is Hot

It’s common to feel some heat when you touch the back of your fridge, but if you feel inordinate amounts this is often a symptom that something is wrong. Your refrigerator coils are insulated and so the amount of warmth they emit should be minimal. Coils do become dusty, however, so your first step should be to remove the dust from the coils and see if that fixes the problem.


Condensation Is Accumulating

If you’ve noticed an increase in water droplets, your equipment may not be adequately cooling. First check the door’s rubber sealing to make sure it’s not moldy or covered in water. The sealing can potentially be fixed without replacing the product. If you notice water on the interior, and it’s an ongoing problem, you’ll want to address this before it starts ruining the food.

Time to Buy a New Refrigerator

Time to Buy a New RefrigeratorIt’s an Energy Hog

As your equipment ages, bad thermometers, timeworn refrigerator compressor motors and overused coils can bring your energy bills up even if everything else remains the same. Newer refrigerators are more energy efficient, with items that are ten years old using double the energy amount of an Energy Star approved fridge. If your machinery is old it’s potentially generating higher electric expenses due to its power requirements.


It’s Making Excessive Noise

Refrigerators produce a certain amount of noise, but the sound should be minimal. If you’ve observed a persistent, ongoing hum or buzz, you’d do well to get it checked out.

Time to Buy a New Refrigerator

Your Freezer Is an Icy Wasteland

If you’re hacking your way through ice to get to your freezer items, this is a definite indication that action is called for. The first step is to defrost your freezer. Once this is done, plug your fridge back in and note its behavior. If it continues to be an issue, you may need to invest in a new refrigerator.

Time to Buy a New Refrigerator

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