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Music Mondays: T.I. Demonstrates How to Refuse to Stay Down

We have all been there.  A time in our lives when it seemed as if every time we tried to take a step forward, every time it seemed as if we were making some progress and things were finally going in the right direction for a change, something comes along and happens to us that knocks us right back to where we started—or even further. The clichés, “I can’t win for losing”, and “One step forward, two steps back” seem to play in our minds so much that they become like broken records or CDs that can’t stop skipping. Over time, we begin to wonder if it is even worth it to try anymore; that maybe we are destined to stay in the place that we are currently in life and that anything higher or better is just not meant to be.

We keep making mistakes, wrong turns, bad decisions that seemed like good ones at the time, etc. etc. etc. Each time feels more disappointing than the previous one. Some of the life occurrences we have no control over, while others we do, and with so many people constantly reminding you of your missteps and with so many setbacks continuing to happen over and over and over again, we want to throw up our hands, throw in the towel, say “JUST FORGET IT”, and walk away.

There’s just one small problem with that – we are not designed to quit.


This is what T.I. is talking about in his song, “Get Back Up.” If you follow him or read his bio, you’ll know that his road to success has been plagued with many missteps—the most recent being a bad decision that, along with previous mistakes, resulted in him serving jail time. He recorded this song prior to serving his sentence; and while he addresses the situation and takes full responsibility for his actions, he also makes it very clear that he will not let his mistakes define him or determine his future—that he will keep trying to do all that he can to be a better person and rise above all that has happened to him. He uses this song not only as an outlet for himself, but also as a lesson and example to people that no matter what magnitude your mistakes are and no matter how many times life knocks you down, you are not designed to stay down—you must keep getting up.


Never mind my imperfections this is fact, remember that

No mistake’s too great to recover and bounce back


And when they push you down, you got to get back up

And when they push you down, you got to get back up

Push the dirt off your jersey, then go for the cup

Or the trophy or the ring, champion no matter what

I know that there are times when it seems as though you are constantly being dealt the “bad hand” of life and that you cannot overcome no matter how much you try to, but remember this:  we are not designed to stay down, and we are not designed to remain stagnant. We are built to rise, built to endure, built to last. Everything that you need is already inside of you to triumph over whatever problems that may come your way and whatever mistakes you may make.


We are human—things will happen. So what you have made some bad decisions before? Acknowledge them, forgive yourself, learn from them, and move on. Nevermind what other people have to say: do not (I repeat) DO NOT LET THEM DEFINE YOU. You are more than your mistakes–and you CAN do and be moreYou can succeed!

The only thing that you have to do is make the decision to………..get back up. 🙂



Enjoy today’s Music Mondays selection, T.I.’s “Get Back Up.”





Have a song that would be perfect for Music Mondays? Share below or tell me about it at:  melisasource@yahoo.com


Sidenote: Upon release from jail, T.I. now has his own reality TV show that premiered last night, with talks of another album and a book in the works as well.  He has also resumed touring and performing. 



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I’m loving this post, and the sky for you… is looking pretty darn close. Don’t stop there though, Chica! Aim higher than your mind will let you go. I can certainly relate to T.I. I too, have made some simple mistakes; mistakes where I look back at them and ask, “How could I have been so dumb to do that.” Here’s the thing though, somethings that occur in our lives have to happen for us; in order for us to pay attention to the lesson that comes attached to it. None of us want struggle to come knocking at our… Read more »

Makeba Giles
Reply to  Deeone

Greetings: Thank you for supporting me on this one Deeone!! My goal with Music Mondays is to share music that speaks to the heart–that can touch the very soul of whatever it is that someone may be going through at the moment, no matter the genre or artist. The very moment that I heard this song at the time of its release, I knew that he was speaking straight from the heart in hopes to encourage others. We all have had times when we’ve made those ‘major missteps’ in life–some like you said, that were predestined to happen to make… Read more »


noce track, I am already listening to it for the 3rd time:) I like your post because it is deeper than the others, it communicates global thoughts which are very important through a popular way (music). I like your interpretation, it would be nice to be a show like this on a music channel.

Makeba Giles
Reply to  Cindy

Greetings Cindy — and welcome! I am so glad to know that the song and the post are inspirational to you! With my writings, I always try to reflect not only how I see the world, but I also try to write in a way that will encourage others to view life’s situations from a different perspective, which is from an optimistic approach. I am happy that you were able to find that here! I like your idea of a music channel–I may have to look into that! 🙂 ~Thank you so very much for your kind words, and I… Read more »


i really like motivational songs
thank you so much Mellisa 🙂
you might also want to check stand my ground by within temptation

Makeba Giles
Reply to  farouk

Greetings: You are most welcome! I am glad to know that this song and post were motivational for you. I will definitely check out the song that you mentioned for sure! ~Thank you so much for the suggestion and I appreciate you commenting! 🙂

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