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Three Natural Products to Revitalize Your Immune System and Emotional Health

Three Natural Products to Revitalize Your Immune System and Emotional Health



Emotional health is finally getting the media spotlight it deserves, which is far overdue. Emotional health can negatively impact the immune system, which can also lead to problems with physical health.


*DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post on behalf of the company mentioned below. All views and opinions are my own.



As a mother and a wife, I know this all-too-well. Balancing parenting and marriage with the responsibilities of work and home can be hectic and very stressful. There are really ‘no days off,’ and very little time for moments dedicated to self-care and emotional well-being.


Sometimes, managing emotional health is more than journaling, soaking up some sunshine or going on vacation to a tropical destination. And help for the immune system comes in more forms than just vitamin C consumption. There is another way to keep both intact from the inside out in a simpler way.


Esteemed herbalist Paul Schulick, Founder and CEO of For The Biome has created the For The Biome Immune Therapy Collection. It is a trio of supplements that naturally revitalize your immune system and emotional health.



Two-thirds of the Immune Therapy Collection consists of herbal infusions. Prepared like traditional teas but much more potent, herbal infusions absorb faster and begin to work upon impact of the inside of the mouth with the first sip of each infusions’ delicious and delightful flavors.


Three Natural Products to Revitalize Your Immune System and Emotional Health

Immune Therapy Collection: Cistus+ Infusion – features the Mediterranean herb Cistus incanus; hailing from the Mediterranean, this powerful world is only just being globally recognized for the super-herb it is.


Traditionally honored for its natural immune system and respiratory support strengthening properties, Cistus Incanus is the star herb of this infusion. It also includes five additional herbs for ultimate immune health: chaga, ginger, sumac, black currant leaf, & rosehip.




Immune Therapy Collection: Stress Therapy 7-Flower Infusion a phenomenal natural blend of herbs that help to destress and rebalance emotional health without the usual side effects of sleepiness typically found in store shelf products. It also aids in balancing the gut microbiome and focus levels throughout the day.



In addition to the infusions, the third part of the Immune Therapy Collection trio comes in capsule form. The For The Biome Gut-Lung Therapy capsules are a powerful blend of natural herbs, which are fermented to deliver even more potent benefit! The live probiotic L. Plantarum DR7 is supported by this special ferment, and the whole package offers an extra layer of immune, emotional, and respiratory health revitalization.


When taken regularly, the capsules support the connections between the gut, lungs, and nervous system, which in turn supports digestion, mood, immune response, and respiratory health!


Three Natural Products to Revitalize Your Immune System and Emotional Health


Drinking a cup of these infusions or taking the capsule is not only a natural way for me to quickly destress and get my focus and well-being back on track, it gives me a moment to indulge in the wonderful flavors and aromas – it’s like a ‘mini me-time.’


I personally love each product in the Immune Therapy Collection because they really work so well for me. I can feel the difference and the revitalization in my body and mind. And because of that, For The Biome has made me a customer for life!



Reaching optimal emotional and immune system health naturally is achievable. The For The Biome Immune Therapy Collection of clinically proven award-winning products makes it possible.




To purchase and to learn more, visit: forthebiome.com. Use the code MAKEBA15 to get 15% off total purchase.




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