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Thinking of a Plant-Based Diet? There’s Some Things You Need to Know If You Have Kidney Disease

plant-based diet kidney disease

With so many diets and eating plans touted in the news these days, it’s hard to know which is the best to follow for maximum health.


Plant-based diets emphasize grains, nuts and fruits, but for those with chronic kidney disease (CKD), making the right diet choice is critical, especially for those with hyperkalemia, a condition that refers to having abnormally high blood potassium levels. As plant-based diets contain sources of potassium, they can also be fatal for patients with CKD if the level of potassium in their blood spikes.


In the U.S. alone, more than 3 million people are living with hyperkalemia and people with conditions such as CKD or heart disease are at more risk.


Dr. Deborah Clegg, affiliated with Cedars-Sinai, UCLA and American University and lead study investigator on plant-based diets in people with CKD, joined me to share vital information for patients whose kidneys are not functioning properly. For them, newer treatment options that help facilitate the body’s potassium levels may be beneficial, while also maximizing the benefit of a plant-based diet.


Take a listen below.


For more information, visit: highpotassium.com


plant-based diet kidney disease

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