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The Power of One: Quest for Justice Fuels Black Lives Matter Movement in France

The Power of One: Quest for Justice Fuels Black Lives Matter Movement in France


Assa Traoré started by fighting for justice for her brother Adama, who died in police custody on his 24th birthday four years ago. But now she’s fighting for much more.


She’s at the forefront of a new movement for Black rights in France that aims to wipe out systemic racism in policing and challenge the country’s official vision of itself as a colorblind society. She said in an interview with the Associated Press: “We became soldiers in spite of ourselves.”


The 35-year old former special education teacher – who resigned from her job to dedicate herself to fighting for justice and black rights full-time, says she has renewed purpose since George Floyd’s death.


“George Floyd is our brother here in France, too. When you see George Floyd’s death, you imagine the death of my brother Adama Traoré.”


Assa shares her story from Ivry-sur-Seine in the Paris suburbs. Read it here.


Assa Traoré

Wife. Mom. Believer. Writer. Advocate.

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