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The Moms Guide for Assuring Teen Girls Back-to-School Confidence

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walgreens. The opinions and text are all mine.

disclaimer: I was asked to participate in the #ClearlyConfident campaign, sponsored by Clearasil® at Walgreens. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.


Teen girls’ back to school confidence is as much of an essential element of a successful school year as class selection and after-school activities. It is something that I have learned in my journey of being a mom to two daughters.


The weeks leading up to the first day of school oftentimes consist of shuffling school supply lists, completing school office forms, and braiding hair. However, there is another element that I include in my daughter’s back to school preparation – and that is following the steps in my own self-created ‘mom survival guide’ to ensure she is ready to return to school looking and feeling her best.

Teen Girls Back-to-School confidence

Every year, I do the following:

Teen Girls Back-to-School confidence

Have “The Talk” with Visuals

With images and words like “traditionally attractive” ever-present in the media, and the facades of perfectionism on social media, I can understand how difficult it must be for the teen girls of today’s society to embrace who they really are. Because of this, I set aside back to school time to have a heart-to-heart talk with my daughter about the importance of accepting and loving herself.

Teen Girls Back-to-School Confidence

I take the week before the first day of school to plan a mother-daughter day out, or even a fun movie and ice cream day at home. During our time together, I remind her that she is beautiful both inside and out. I ask her to share any reservations she has about the upcoming school year, and encourage her that the right people will want to be around her and accept her for who she is.


Lastly, warn her of the dangers of looking to feel validated through social media. I let her know that she does not have to look like a runway model to be beautiful. Beauty comes from within.


Teen Girls Back-to-School Confidence

Meet Them Halfway

I remember the days when my mom used to forbid me from wearing certain fashions because she believed they were not age-appropriate for me. I was not given much freedom in my clothing choices as a teen.


However, raising my now-adult daughter gave me an abrupt reminder of how important that ‘wiggle room’ is when it comes to teen style. It convinced me to do things differently with my youngest daughter.


Teen Girls Back-to-School Confidence


This time around, I’m not as strict. I still make sure that she dresses in an age-appropriate manner, but I also stay abreast of the latest teen fashion trends.


Instead of primarily focusing on media advertisements and popular brands, I I take note of colors, patterns, and textures of clothes that I see online, at social events that I attend, and in the stores. I also follow celebrity stylists on social media to observe their fashion selections, and how they style pieces together.


When it is time for back-to-school shopping, I take all my findings and observations with me to the store with my teen girl. Between her ideas and mine, we are able to work together to find school clothes that are both fashion-forward and perfect for her age. Win-win.


Help Them to Put their Best Face Forward Everyday

As a mom of four, I know all-too-well that there are unique challenges facing preteens and young adults as they transition from child to teen. These challenges only increase as summer vacation ends and a new school year begins.


Changes in routines, managing homework and exams, team sports, and school activities can be stressful for teens. Extreme stress can lead to break outs. In fact, sweat (#1) and stress (#2) are the two biggest perceived causes of pimples/acne, which can wreak havoc on teen girls back to school confidence.


Since I have been through this before with my older kids, I help guide my teen girl through her journey of ensuring that she puts her best face forward every day. I do this with the help of It’s one of my must-buy items at Walgreens for back-to-school!


I can always rely on Walgreens for great savings on back-to-school essentials to help keep my daughter’s skin looking clear and healthy! In fact, I can stock up on Clearasil at Walgreens while saving $2 via coupon off their products now through September both in-store and online.


Teen Girls Back-to-School Confidence


Dermatologist tested, Clearasil Ultra® Rapid Action products are scientifically formulated with maximum strength medication to effectively fight and treat acne, so my teen girl can have clearly visible results, fast. And I know firsthand that when it comes to fighting acne, faster is better.



With a range of products, from daily face washes, scrubs, and pads to targeted acne treatment creams, Not only does it make her skin look healthy and beautiful, she says that it makes her feel beautiful, too.



What I love most is that since the Clearasil Ultra® Rapid Action products continue to work throughout the day, I see a difference in my daughter’s skin with each use. After just a few days of use in the morning and before bedtime, I have noticed that her pores are smaller and she has fewer pimples. Plus, we both love how Clearasil helps clear side effects of breakouts.


Young woman touching her face isolated on white background .

While I have gone through the highs and lows of back-to-school preparation for many years, I still view it as exciting as the very first time. Society, fashion, and the school dynamic may change, but the importance of back-to-school confidence stays the same.

Teen Girls Back-to-School confidence

By giving my daughter my time, understanding, and reassurance before school starts, I can feel good knowing that she will enter the new school year feeling loved, confident, and equipped to successfully handle any obstacle that comes her way!

Visit your local Walgreens or Duane Reade before school starts so they can walk those halls feeling #ClearlyConfident!

Teen Girls Back-to-School confidence

Teen Girls Back-to-School Confidence

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Teen Girls Back-to-S

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