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How to Not Botch a Family Staycation

These past few weeks have truly been a whirlwind for The Busy Mom! The children began their new school year and the plethora of after-school activities soon followed. I had been swamped in meetings and events while working around-the-clock to get this blog started by my yet-again extended deadline and making sure the children were ready for school and had everything that they needed.  On top of all of that, with the start of the fall season comes an influx of new schedules for me to manage and of course, dreaded illnesses. We were all so swamped and overwhelmed that none of us could even tell whether we were coming or going.

In other words, we were all on the verge of losing it!! 😀

Seeing the signs of the beginning stages of burnout in everyone (including myself) I decided that we all needed help and fast—and what could be better than a healthy dose of change-of-scenery and a few days of doing absolutely nothing? Great idea, but as I looked at the calendar I realized that it was too late to arrange something formal.

The solution: a family STAYcation.


The view from our hotel window

I booked a very nice 2-bedroom suite at a hotel about 45 minutes away from our house.  I gathered the family and notified them of the plans, and they were beyond thrilled. In a flash we hurried off to our do-nothing, go-nowhere oasis of stress-free rest….

….or so I thought.

While settling into our suite I noticed that I was in such a rush to “get away from it all” that there were several important items that I’d forgot to pack:


  • Extension cord and power strip for electronics
  • Extra blankets and pillows
  • Snacks and a cooler
  • Medicines
  • Quiet, family-friendly games and activities

…and most importantly: .

  • Clothes in case of a change of weather

I had NO idea that the weather would change from 90-plus temperatures to 60 degree temperatures in less than 24 hours! This, in addition to the other items that I accidentally left at home, made for a weekend that was at times more stressful and busy for me than if the family had kept with our regular routines. Luckily the children had a great time and thanked me immensely for the weekend, but at the end of it all I felt like I needed a vacation from the staycation!! 🙁

When you notice that the busyness of everyday life is starting to get the best of you and your household, be sure to do something about it before things get too critical. When schedules are full and time is tight, a family staycation is a great option for taking a quick break from the stresses of the daily routine. You can also always find local deals for special rates at hotels that will fit any family budget….


…just don’t forget to remember to pack the important stuff! 🙂



Have you ever done a family staycation? How did it turn out? Are there any other tips that you have for planning? Share with me below or tell me about it at: melisasource@yahoo.com.


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Thanks for talking about your staycation. I always thought they were when you just stayed home and did things in the area, I never thought of staying at a hotel not too far from home and enjoying it.

Makeba Giles
Reply to  Charity

Greetings Charity: You are most welcome! 🙂 Yes another way that a staycation can be done is by staying in a hotel in your local area too. We like to select ones that are on the opposite side of town or even 20+ minutes away, just to give that’extra feel’ that we ‘traveled’ somewhere (lol), plus it’s always great to get the family into a change of surroundings and neighborhoods. Sometimes that’s all that is needed to feel refreshed again. ~Thank you so very much for sharing here with me! 🙂

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