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Communicating the Importance of Teen Online Safety with LifeLock

The age of technology is upon us. As the digital world continues to progress, our children are progress right with it or even faster. As our kids demand the newest phones, tablets, laptops and other technologies, having the technology talk about online safety can be hard because there are so many topics to cover. Where do we start?

Well now thanks to National PTA and LifeLock, parents now have a way to jump start the conversation. Smart Talk is a free online tool designed to help families set ground rules for technology use and help empower our kids to be digitally responsible citizens.




It is essential that our kids are educated on the effects and consequences or careless technology use in a world where identity and well-being can be compromised because of online behavior, and important, private information can be stolen if kids are not careful.

Smart Talk engages the kids and parents in an interactive experience, leading them through a guided conversation about online safety and privacy, screen time, apps and downloads, texting and calling, and social media and respect.


Communicating the Importance of Teen Online Safety with LifeLock


As you go through the experience, Smart Talk asks you questions regarding the given topics and records your answers, for example, “(Child), do you agree to respect other people’s privacy?” The question offers a yes or no option and will record whichever one is chosen. For every subject listed, there are questions that help create the rule and at the end, you have a list full of rules for the child to follow when using the device(s) and is also a contract that can be signed by the parents and child, printed and saved.


Communicating the Importance of Teen Online Safety with LifeLock


What I love most about it is that The Smart Talk can be revisited to keep as many times as needed to keep the conversation going and relevant as the kids age and technology continues to advance. This is great for me since I have kids in the home that range from elementary to college. Just knowing that we can openly communicate about and have common ground about the importance of online safety helps me to feel more at ease with them using technology no matter where they are.

 teen online safety

To get your conversation going with your kids, visit The Smart Talk website.


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Wife. Mom. Believer. Writer. Advocate.

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I really love this push for online safety. Not only can miscreants steal your identity, they can steal your child’s innocence!


Love this contract. A physical agreement like this can help the kids remember what you’ve talked about and keep them accountable.


LifeLock has a great program with their teen safety program. Sometimes parents can have a hard time starting conversations. This makes it a bit easier.


It’s so important to talk internet safety with your kids. The internet can be a great resource but it can be dangerous too.


It is so important to talk to kids about being safe online. The internet is a great development but it can be dangerous.


This is so important. I am doing my best to talk to my daughter about online safety.


It’s crazy what’s in the Internet. We need to keep an eye on what they watch.


I really love the idea of the Smart Talk contract. It is so important to educate teens (and ourselves!) on the importance of online safety.


Laying everything out and talking about privileges and internet safety should help a lot. The contract is a great idea.


Talking with your kids about internet safety is so important! I love that you two wrote a contract.


Online safety is a very important lesson for teens and parents. Love that there is an online tool to help parents with this. Would love to discuss it with my teen.


I’ve been seeing this around lately and I think it’s ideal for parents to do this with their kids. You don’t know what can happen online, so it’s good to be safe especially if it concerns your kids.


life lock sounds pretty amazing I’ve always heard great things! I think online safety needs to be a bigger priority for more people, it is a scary place.

aziel morte
aziel morte

It’s so important to talk with our kids for their safety, Glad my two boys will listen

Mixed Reviews

This is so very important to keep kids/teens safe on line. I like that it’s involving the parent and child by opening communication on important subjects such as on line safety.


There are a lot of things on there that I hadn’t thought of. Digital parenting is so new that we really need guides like this to help us out.


I love this initiative! It’s so important that we talk to our teens and having online safty is so needed


This is really a must-have for a parent with teenagers. I will keep this post for my son’s teenage years.


Safety when using devices is something that really worries me. I have seen very young children with devices and wonder if their parents have spoken with them about the importance.

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