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alcohol withdrawal

Take Control: 6 Effective Ways of Coping with Alcohol Withdrawal


Stopping alcohol abuse can be one of the best decisions a person can make in their life. However, quitting can be a tough decision mainly because of the withdrawal symptoms you may experience.


The symptoms may range from mild to severe, and most people need a lot of support to get through it. Withdrawal symptoms may put a person’s health at risk, making it difficult for them to complete the detox process to begin assessing the root cause of the alcohol addiction. Here are a few tips on how to cope with alcohol withdrawal effectively.



Seek Your Loved Ones’ Support


Going through the detox process alone can be lonely. You should notify your friends and family before starting the detox and ask them for support during the process.


If you are doing inpatient detox, create a visiting schedule so that your loved ones can visit you for support as you begin the journey. A support system is essential during withdrawal.



Plan Ahead

Before you go to rehab for alcohol detox, you should first plan, and this may include staying away from people who drink alcohol. Being in the company of people who drink may be a trigger for you and might derail your progress.


Start the process when you are ready and ask your therapist to help you modify your thoughts and behavior to avoid triggers and any situation that may reinforce alcohol use. Once you are ready for the detox and are in the right mind to do it, the process will be much easier, and you will meet your goals because you planned ahead.



Using Intentional Breathing Techniques

Deep breathing is essential in re-engaging your prefrontal cortex, a part of the brain responsible for handling critical thinking and reasoning. People forget to breathe when stressed. Therefore, when cravings strike, taking a deep breath can help.


Deep breathing involves breathing in through the nose for a few seconds and holding the breath for the same number of seconds. Then, you can breathe out through the mouth for some seconds, pause and repeat the process. This breathing technique will help you maintain the ability to think critically during withdrawal.



Practice Meditation

Meditation is also as important as deep breathing. It can help you stay balanced and relaxed when experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Meditating will help clear the mind to focus on your healing journey and let go of things that are stressing you out. This method will pull you out of your reactive state and get you into a proactive state.



Light Exercising

During withdrawal, you may feel too weak to exercise. However, a small amount of exercise can be an excellent tool to help you cope with alcohol withdrawal.


When you exercise, your body releases endorphins into the brain, creating a natural happy feeling within you. Moreover, you will also feel stronger and get the energy to go through the journey. Exercise helps boost the self-confidence required for your recovery.


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Take a Walk

Staying indoors can make you feel bored, which may trigger you to start thinking about alcohol. Going outside and taking a walk will do wonders, especially during hard times.


Although sometimes the withdrawal symptoms may be too tough on you, making you feel like you only want to stay in bed, a good walk will help you recharge mentally and emotionally. Together with deep breathing and light exercises, a walk will also help you focus on being present. You will love how good you feel afterward.




Getting sober is hard and uncomfortable. However, it is the best decision you can make for yourself. Although withdrawal symptoms can make you feel like quitting, you will love how good you will feel after recovery. If you need help with your recovery journey, you can contact us or view more of our services and get in touch with us.


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