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Big Game Food Tips: Ways To Eat Healthy On Game Day


Super Bowl food has always been a real challenge for me! The wide variety of wings, the chips and salsa, the delicious hoagies and sodas—it can be tough to kindly decline when offered. In the years that I have hosted my own shindig for the big game, It would never fail for me to ‘taste-test’ all of the snacks and appetizers! Since now I am on a mission to get healthy, I am well aware of how much havoc one day of splurging can create for my whole diet.


My current size

Super Bowl Food Tips

I have never been a ‘planner’ when it comes to eating—and that may be my problem. If I’m at a gathering, I will eat whatever is there. Similarly if I am at home: if I prepared it, I’m eating it, point blank. But if I want to continue to see real progress with my Mission 24/7 weight loss journey, I know I have to make some real changes. And that means taking time to sit down and plan things out much more thoroughly—including eating for special gatherings.

One of my family members is hosting a Super Bowl party this year, and I have made an ‘action plan’ to help keep my journey to better health intact:

Super Bowl Food Tips 

I offered to help with the party menu. I figured that I cannot go wrong if stick with the healthy dishes and appetizers that I prepare for the party (fail-proof, right??! 🙂 ). Unfortunately, my family member already has the menu set with both cooked and catered dishes, so there will be no need for additional food.

Super Bowl Food Tips

Phooey. 🙁

Super Bowl Food Tips 

The next step in my action plan was to inquire about the foods that will be at the Super Bowl party. In doing so, I could create a personal list of the foods to eat while at the Super Bowl party that fall in line with my nutritional plan. While I thought that my idea was genius, after our discussion, I realized that the healthy foods would be very limited.

Super Bowl Food Tips

Phooey again. 🙁

Super Bowl Food Tips

This led me to plan C: Carry my own snacks with me to the party. I decided that failure in conquering Super Bowl Sunday was not an option, so I decided to prepare and eat a healthy meal at home prior to the party, and pack some vegetables and fruits in my bag to munch on during the festivities. I also plan to have my own stainless steel bottle filled with spring water. I’ll be munching and drinking my own stuff with no feelings of guilt for turning down what’s already there.

It’s not about being snooty – it’s about being healthy.

Super Bowl Food Tips

I really cannot wait for game day to come so that I can give my plan a run to see how it works. Heck, if all goes well, Plan C will become my party-attending strategy from now on! 🙂

Super Bowl Food Tips

~Are you worried about managing your eating plan during the Super Bowl? What tricks do you plan to use to keep your healthy eating on track? Share with me below or tell me about it at: melisasource@yahoo.com.

Super Bowl Food Tips

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Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families

I agree that you can’t go wrong with ideas like chips n salsa, crackers and canned cheese, those meat/cheese/cracker trays, and of course wings always a tailgating favorite. If you want healthier options, maybe a fruit and veggie tray would work out nicely.

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