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Summer Camp Checklist For Parents: Rule Number One

Summer Camp Checklist For Parents: Rule Number One


Summer is here, and that means it’s time for summer camps! As parents, there is so much to do to prepare your child to go off into their new summer camp adventures. Whether it is a local day camp or an overnight summer camp miles away, you want to make sure that everything is in place in order for your child to have the best camp experience possible.

It can be easy rush into purchasing all of the summer camp necessities like flashlights, sunscreen, and proper camping shoes. However in all of the excitement, there is one very important thing that many parents forget to do: label their child’s camp items.

This may be the case because back in the day, the process of finding or buying sharpies and dedicating hours to handwriting the name on everything was a daunting task. Even the retro DIY label maker was a challenge!

Fortunately however, those days are long gone. Now there’s a much easier, convenient, and fun way to mark the task as ‘done’ on your summer camp checklist.

Mabel’s Labels is a company that specializes in taking the hassle out of labeling your child’s camp gear for you. They create super-cute name labels that you can customize specifically for your child! The best part is they come in a special camp label pack that ships right to your door.


Summer Camp Checklist mabels lables


My youngest son Manny will be going to summer camp for the first time this year, and I ordered some name labels for him through the Mabel’s Labels website. Completing my order was very easy, and I was all set in a matter of minutes.


Mabel's Labels allows parents to choose the color, font, and style of they child's name labels

Mabel’s Labels allows parents to choose the color, font, and style of they child’s name labels


Summer Camp Checklist mabels lables

Mabel’s Labels award-winning customizable products are laundry, dishwasher & microwave-safe and 100% guaranteed.


Summer Camp Checklist mabels lables

My Mabel’s Labels Camp Label Pack for Manny arrived really fast!


The labels came just in time for Manny to go to camp. Plus, it was a total win-win: Manny is happy that he has cool ‘stickers’ with his name and the thing he loves most in the whole world (cars) on them, and I’m happy that I don’t have to worry about Manny returning from camp without all of the clothing and camp supplies that he left with.


Summer Camp Checklist mabels lables


Summer Camp Checklist mabels lables

My son Manny loves his custom camp labels!



If you’re sending a child or two off to a summer camp this year of any kind, don’t forget rule number one for the summer camp checklist. Label all of your child’s camp clothes, swim gear, backpacks, shoes, toiletries and other items. And if you’re a busy parent like I am, the labeling done in a flash with Mabel’s Labels, Trust me when I tell you that you’ll be glad you did!


summer camp checklist mabels labels

Mabel’s Labels is offering a chance to receive 15 – 50% or free item coupons!

From now until June 22, 2015, sign up for the Mabel’s Labels Newsletter and complete one additional social share to be given a one-time use coupon code. Go to Mabelslabels.com to find out which discount you got!


Mabels Labels Camp Combo


To discover more about Mabel’s Labels, visit the website here. You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

summer camp checklist mabels labels

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I love Mabel’s Labels. I never send my kids out of the house with anything that doesn’t have a label on it. Otherwise I would never get most of it back LOL.


I need to snag some Mabel’s Labels for Pre-K this fall! I wish there were a few more icons, but they are so convenient.


Very cool labels for Summer Camp. Its great that you get to customize them according to your kid’s taste.


Always label everything! Kids are master of losing track of everything!


These are such a great idea for kids’ belongings! This will be the first summer that my kids will go to camp so this makes it easier to keep track of everything.


Those labels work so well for keeping your things near you. Love the way they look and last!! Camp would be so much fun…wish they had one up here for my son during the summer.

Catherine S
Catherine S

Labels are such a great idea. I like that they are customized. It would have made think much easier when my son went to summer camp. He lost several lunch boxes.


These labels are great. What a cute way to keep up with personal belongings at camp or school.


I love these enables! I’ve used them for a long time and juat love them! Th eyes last and are great!


These labels will definitely come in handy at camp. I love how you customized them.


I found a label company when my kids were younger and they are a Mom’s best friend! We also have food allergies so were able to get labels for lunchboxes too. This sounds like a great company to make sure everything that goes to camp also comes home!

Marcie W.

I am totally a labeler and always label all of my children’s school supplies as well as items they bring along to school functions and camps. It is such a stylish way to help them keep track of their things.


Kids are always losing things, so putting their name on everything when they go off to camp is a great way to prevent that!


Labels would have been perfect when my daughter went to camp. She lost so many things!


I think the label maker does sound great too. And yep, I do remember the sharpie being the go-to ‘label maker.’ 😉


This company was started in my hometown of Hamilton, Ontario! Amazing to see how the company has grown.


Labels are a must. Great for sports gear as well.

Ora Lee Gurr

The labels look so nice! They are much neater than the rushed printing with Sharpies. The fast shipping is a definite plus.


Mabel’s Labels look great! I should look into buying some for my planner.


We have gotten these before. They come in handy.


This is a great pack. Kiddo goes to church camp every summer with her dad. He’s on the board and is the chef. It never fails that she leaves with 10 things and only comes back with 8. But, hes just as bad. LOL


We use these for school, camp, and sports. Love Mabel’s Labels!


I love Mabel’s Labels. My kids will have everything labeled for camp. Otherwise they won’t bring half of their stuff home.


I love the custom labels! Anything custom automatically is cool in my book and I bet your son loves this!


We love Mabel’s Labels! We tagged up all school supplies and backpacks,lunchboxes… the whole works before school started last year.


Summer camps bring back so many fun memories for me! What an exciting time for him! Glad you awesome awesome labels!

manuela W.
manuela W.

Manny looks like a very happy camper with his cool new labels. I love that this will keep him from losing his belongings.

The Mid-Atlantic Foodie

I love Mabel’s Label’s and this camp checklist is awesome. It will come in very handy for my family this summer! Thank you!


With 6 kids in our family, we could totally use these labels! This is such a great brand!


Summer camp is great. Making sure the kids are safe is important.Thanks for the tips.

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