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Are You Struggling With Alcohol Addiction

Protecting Your Health: Are You Struggling With Alcohol Addiction?

If you’re struggling with alcohol abuse and addiction, recovery may seem like an impossible task. Although your journey to recovery may not be quick and easy, a professional treatment center that provides rehab for alcoholism will make your journey much easier, and get you on the road to better health.

For many people, an occasional beer or glass of wine never causes problems. For others, those occasional drinks lead to daily drinking and alcohol abuse. Alcoholism is a disease that impacts your overall health. It also disrupts your daily routine and causes problems with family, friends, work, school, and social activities. Before you know it, your normal lifestyle is affected by impaired thinking and dysfunctional behavior that can cause problems and drastic consequences in every aspect of your life.

What are the Symptoms?

Alcoholism creates both mental and physical symptoms that are difficult to fight without professional help. Trying to control your own recovery usually leads to frustration and failure. Typical alcoholism symptoms include:

* Cravings – Feeling a strong need to drink
* Control Problems – You can’t stop drinking once you’ve started
* Dependence – Physical withdrawal symptoms when you don’t drink
* Increased Tolerance – You need to drink more alcohol to get the same high

Alcohol abuse can be mild, moderate or severe, but the results are all the same, an unhealthy lifestyle. Your life becomes affected and ruled by alcohol dependency. If you are experiencing any of the following signs of alcohol abuse, you should seek professional treatment:

* You’re not able to limit the amount of alcohol you drink
* You spend excessive time buying alcohol and drinking
* You experience withdrawal symptoms
* You can’t fulfill your obligations at home, work or school
* You give up social activities or hobbies to drink
* You become isolated from friends and family
* Your drinking creates unsafe situations

Excessive drinking is dangerous and unhealthy. It increases your risk of car accidents, physical injuries, and harm from homicide and suicide. It can cause damage to your brain, liver and other organs, and increase your risk for certain cancers. If you drink during pregnancy, you increase the risk of harm to your baby.


Are You Struggling With Alcohol Addiction


Alcohol abuse sets up a vicious cycle of intoxication and withdrawal symptoms that wreak havoc on your mind and body.
Alcohol Intoxication

This cycle is caused by elevated levels of alcohol in your blood stream. As alcohol consumption increases, the more impaired your mental and behavioral functions become. Changes can include unstable moods; depression; impaired judgment; inappropriate behavior; poor coordination; memory loss; impaired attention; and slurred speech. High blood alcohol levels can cause blackouts, periods of time where you can’t recall things, and even lead to coma or death. Alcohol intoxication creates impaired mental and physical abilities which can result in drastic consequences.


Alcohol Withdrawal

This cycle occurs when alcohol use is greatly reduced or stopped. It can begin within several hours or up to five days after drinking has ceased. Alcohol withdrawal can include sweating; shaking; nausea or vomiting, tremors; rapid heartbeat; anxiety; sleep problems; hallucinations; and seizures. Withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to severe, but they impair your ability to function normally.


What’s the Best Treatment?

If you’re suffering from alcohol abuse or addiction, your best treatment option is professional help. By entering a rehab facility that specializes in addictions, you will be surrounded by a trained, professional staff who can help and guide you through your recovery process. They will develop an individualized treatment plan just for you that addresses your necessary road to recovery.

Most residential treatment programs include alcohol education, individual and group therapy, support groups, family involvement, and therapy through various physical and social activities. They typically include licensed alcohol and drug counselors, doctors, nurses, social workers, and other professionals with experience and expertise in treating alcoholism. A treatment center can help you change your daily habits and make healthy lifestyle choices to avoid alcohol in the future.

* Healthy Habits – By developing healthy lifestyle habits, your road to recovery will be much easier. Healthy sleep habits, regular physical activity, a good diet, and stress management will speed your recovery and encourage long-term success.

* Positive Environment – When suffering from alcohol abuse or alcoholism, your habits and activities often revolve around drinking. By replacing them with activities or hobbies that promote a positive environment, you can avoid pitfalls and future relapses.

* Good Support System – A good support system is critical to overcome alcohol abuse. For a successful recovery, you need to make it clear to family and friends that you’re not drinking and distance yourself from drinking buddies or friends who impair your recovery.


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