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Stressed Out? Here's How to Plan a Unique Getaway

Stressed Out? Here’s How to Plan a Unique Getaway

When work, home, bills, and kids become too much to handle, it’s time to take a break. Whether it consists of a day, a weekend, or a week, a getaway can do wonders for refreshing the mind, body, and soul.


Heading out to a popular theme park or tourist attraction may first come to mind, but traveling doesn’t have to involve crowds and expensive souvenirs. Planning a unique getaway is the best way to unplug and explore the world at a lower cost while still creating those lasting memories.


Take a look at these unique getaway ideas that are sure to do the trick.

Plan a Unique Get


Explore the Mountains

Driving up and through the mountains doesn’t really expose you to the real world of these majestic areas. Consider log cabins for rent on your next getaway.


These cabins aren’t isolated structures with barely any features. In fact, these buildings are impressively decorated and stocked with all of today’s basic amenities. Relax in the log cabin while hiking around the area when you’re ready to explore.

Stressed Out? Here's How to Plan a Unique Getaway

Drive Down Route 40

You may have heard of Route 66, but there’s another famous roadway that extends north to south in Argentina. Route 40 gives you a chance to drive across the country while enjoying some of the local attractions.


From dinosaur bones to vineyards, this stretch of highway has something for everyone. You’ll even see the tips of the Andes along the way.

Stressed Out? Here's How to Plan a Unique Getaway

Engage With B&B Locals

A hotel may be too pricey for your budget, but bed-and-breakfast properties are normally priced just right. Use your smartphone to narrow down B&B properties in your desired area.


Meet the host or hostess, enjoy meals with other travelers and learn a lot about the world around you. The cozy atmosphere may tempt you to stay another day as you continue to explore the surrounding region.


Backpacking and Biking

From Canada to Spain, biking around any country is encouraged because you can meet up with locals and really immerse yourself in the culture. Whether you prefer backpacking or biking across a countryside, pack lightly and keep an open mind.


You might stumble upon a distinct farm or vineyard that offers a great deal on activities across the property. From wine tasting to milking the farm animals, getting out into nature will only improve your trip in any country.

Stressed Out? Here's How to Plan a Unique Getaway


Keep your passport updated, even when you don’t have an upcoming trip. Maintaining a valid passport means that you can book those last-minute deals. Waiting for a new passport takes several weeks. Be ready for adventure on a moment’s notice as you keep up with legal documents and the best deals in travel today.

Plan a Unique Getaway

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