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5 Resolutions to Help You Step Up Your Oral Health Routine in the New Year

It is true what they say: your smile is your greatest asset. Although you may be doing the usual steps of proper oral care, there may be more that you could be doing to maximize your oral health and make your smile all that it can be.

The makers of CloSYS offer the following tips you can use to improve your oral health routine and guide your resolutions overall better health in the new year.

6 Resolutions to Help You Step Up Your Oral Health Routine in the New Year 

Schedule regular checkup at least twice per year. So many oral health issues can be prevent at much less time and cost to the patient if regular checkups are performed. Unfortunately, many still don’t know how connected the mouth is to the body in terms of other potential health risks, including oral cancer screening.

6 Resolutions to Help You Step Up Your Oral Health Routine in the New Year While it sounds very obvious brushing twice per day at a minimum is an excellent way to protect your mouth health and potentially your overall health. Use a fluoride toothpaste. Countless studies show the overwhelming benefit for fighting cavities and general oral wellness from a fluoride toothpaste. And be sure that you understand the health and safety of all the ingredients as it can make a huge difference. But be sure to brush the proper way. Angle the brush at a 45 degree angle being sure to brush the teeth and into the gum line being careful not to brush too hard. Be sure to replace the toothbrush frequently.

While the majority of the U.S. population report brushing on a regular basis the use of mouthwash is much less even though it’s just as important. Using a mouthwash helps to reach places that the brush cannot and a good mouthwash will help balance the pH in your mouth which is essential to lowering the opportunity for germ growth.

Flossing is usually the one step most of us skip. Ideally flossing once a day is great but even if you could floss a few times a weeks it helps to clean the gum-line in and around each tooth. The actual concept of flossing is to create an air pocket around each tooth as germs cannot live if exposed to air. Of course removing trapped food particles is also a great reason to floss. Use of an oral irrigator (Water Pik) is another great way to reach into the gum line.

Watch what you eat and drink. Many foods and beverages are highly acidic which unbalance your mouth’s pH creating an environment more prone to germ growth. If you do eat or drink something acidic be sure to rinse your mouth with water afterward if you can’t reach your toothbrush and/or mouthwash. Foods and medication can also be a source for halitosis (bad breath) which is another reason to watch what you eat for optimum oral health.

6 Resolutions to Help You Step Up Your Oral Health Routine in the New Year 

Take better care of your mouth in the new year, and you’ll be taking care of your health. In fact, recent research on the “oral systemic connection” (how the mouth is connect to your overall health) shows heart disease, stroke, pre-term births, diabetes, and many more health issues are somehow linked to bad bacteria (there is good bacteria) in your mouth. So brushing twice a day may just keep the doctor away far better than the apple!


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