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Stay Healthy for the Holidays

Use These 6 Strategies to Stay Healthy for the Holidays


Fall and winter are the busiest seasons of the year. There is so much planning and preparation that goes into Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s to get the home ready and keep the family happy. There’s also the kids’ school activities to keep up with: classroom parties, holiday musicals, and gift exchanges. There may even be holiday travel to manage. It can be a lot. It can also be challenging to stay healthy.

Changes in weather, increased interactions, and environment changes can put a strain on the body and lead to an increased chance of illness during the holiday season. Busy schedules can also mean more meals and drinks on the go, which makes the chances of getting sick even higher.

There are some practices you can put into action to ensure that you stay healthy for the holidays. All it takes is making a few simple changes in your winter routine.

Stay Healthy for the Holidays

Drink Your Water

Staying hydrated during the summer is easy. But when cold weather arrives, the desire for hot beverages increases. Proper hydration plays a huge role in keeping the body healthy throughout the year. Make sure that you continue to drink the recommended eight or more glasses of water per day during colder months.


Get Your Rest

Thinking of burning the midnight oil to wrap holiday gifts or hang decorations? Think again. Neglecting the body of proper rest weakens the immune system, increasing your susceptibility to illness.

The average person needs seven to eight hours of sleep each day for the body to stay at its best. It may be a tough, but do your best to make sleep a priority during the winter months.

Stay Healthy for the Holidays

Get Your Nutrients

In addition to sleep, the body needs the proper nutrients to stay healthy. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and take a multivitamin to help make up for any missing nutrients. Add more vitamin C to your diet as well – either by eating more foods that are high in vitamin C or by taking a nutritional supplement.


stay healthy for the holidays


Get Active

Exercise is vital to staying healthy. Incorporate more physical activity into daily routines during the holidays, such as walking around the mall for an extended period, or parking farther away from the front door of stores during holiday shopping. Even taking the stairs instead of the elevators helps!

Stay Healthy for the Holidays

Keep Covered

While it can be tempting to showcase your winter fashions and hairstyles, doing so can cause more harm than good. Stay bundled up to better protect yourself from the weather and any viruses that may float around. Remember: you can be fashionable and warm at the same time.


Get Your Flu Shot

Stay Healthy for the HolidaysSpeaking of viruses, the holiday season is also in the middle of flu season. One of the best lines of defense against the flu is the flu shot. Fortunately, getting a flu shot has become more convenient than ever. A quick visit to a neighborhood Walgreens is all it takes to protect yourself from getting the flu. At Walgreens, flu shots have a $0 copay with most insurance. Plus, when you get your flu shot, you’ll help provide a life-saving vaccine to a child in a developing country through the Get a Shot. Give a Shot.® program, a partnership with The United Nation’s Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign.* If you have not gotten a flu shot yet, don’t worry: it’s not too late to do so!


Illness should never put a damper on holiday celebrations. Starting on strategies to stay healthy during the holidays will guarantee a happy holiday season!

Stay Healthy for the Holidays


Screen-Shot-2015-09-14-at-10.44.12-AM-1024x688The Get a Shot. Give a Shot.® campaign allows customers to make a world of difference by getting their flu shot at Walgreens. 

* From July 1, 2015 to August 31, 2016, for every immunization administered, Walgreens will donate $0.18 to the United Nations Foundation, up to a maximum donation of $2,000,000. For more information, go to Walgreens.com/GetaShot.

Vaccines subject to availability. State, age and health-related restrictions may apply.

Stay Healthy for the Holidays

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