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New School Semester

Starting The New School Semester Healthy, Happy, and Strong



The time for returning for the new school semester is now underway. As much as I dread seeing the days of winter break come to an end, the time has come to shift focus to buying school supplies, planning backpack lunches and after-school snacks, and replenishing each little student’s academic wardrobe for the colder weather.

Having three children in the house, there are so many things that I have to keep track of. And things always accelerate in the new school semester. In addition to the above, winter and spring team sports, preparing for final exams, teacher conferences, and class projects must all be kept on task, as well as their health and well-being. With all of this, it helps to have resources that can ease the worry of keeping the household stocked with everything that’s needed to keep them healthy and at their best.

New School SemesterDel Monte® plays a big part in this for me and my household. Whenever I am at the grocery store, I stock up on plenty of Del Monte® snacks like Fruit & Veggie Fusions, Fruit Burst® Squeezers and fruit cups   to have on hand to place in their backpacks for lunch, and for them to have a nutritious snack after school. The wholesome goodness of D Del Monte® keeps them satisfied for hours – which means that I can rest easy in completing my afternoon and early evening errands knowing that their tummies are filled and happy until dinnertime.


Being a busy mom means learning how to successfully manage each and every school semester as it comes. Returning to the life of early rises, late evenings, and managing homework and school supplies for the second semester of school is not always easy. But I am so glad that I can at least mark the goal of daily healthy nutrition off of my mommy-duties list with the help of Del Monte®.


New School Semester


Add the role of nutritious snacks in the equation of your family’s healthy eating this year. Look for the “Better for You Lunchbox” booklet on 1 million packages of it’s Fruit Cups, $6.25 in instant coupon savings from great lunchbox brands including: Del Monte®, Pepperidge Farm®, Welch’s®, Diamond Foods, NatureSmart, Saputo®,and Musco® Olives.

New School Semester

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