Spring Break, Confidence, and Raising a Teenage Daughter

Confidence and Raising a Teenage Daughter

I have always seen spring break as a great opportunity to catch up on spending quality time with my kids. I love taking them out one-on-one for some individual time and attention. Not only is it a wonderful way to reconnect, I also use the time to give them advice and answers on the happenings in their lives.

My latest ‘mom and daughter day out’ with my teenage daughter during spring break was a huge success! We went out for lunch, and spent the rest of the day at the park. We walked, talked about life, and simply enjoyed each other’s company.


Spring Break, Confidence, and Raising a Teenage Daughter


In our talk, the topic of ‘girl stuff’ (as she calls it) came up. My daughter revealed to me that she wanted a way to feel more confident and comfortable on the days that she is on her period. She told me that those are the days when she feels sad and tries to distance herself from her friends because she feels so insecure.

It really hit me to my core to hear her say that! However, as a mom, I had noticed the difference in her confidence level during her cycle – even when she’s at home. In fact, it was one of the topics that I was going to talk to her about, and I was glad that she brought it up first! Fortunately, I came prepared with some advice for her, as well as something else that I knew would help.

I comforted my teen daughter, and let her know that feeling a little loss of confidence during a period is something that is totally normal and natural. I reassured her that every girl – and woman – feels that way from time to time. However, the best way to resolve it is to have products that give ultimate security and protection – that way, you can feel your very best every single day. That is when I told her about Always Infinity pads.


Spring Break, Confidence, and Raising a Teenage Daughter


Always Infinity pads Spring Break, Confidence, and Raising a Teenage Daughter


Being that this is my second go at raising a teenage daughter, I know all about the importance of feeling self-confident and comfortable during a period – especially while at school and with friends. I am so glad that she felt comfortable enough for us to talk about it, and I am also glad that products have come a long way since the days that I was in school! I am glad to know that my teenage daughter has me in her corner to love and support her, and great products like Always Infinity pads to keep her feeling assured about herself, and completely confident during her journey into womanhood.


Spring Break, Confidence, and Raising a Teenage Daughter


Spring Break

Always Infinity padsTo learn more about  Always Infinity, visit the Always website. You can also connect with Always on Facebook and Twitter.


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Spring Break

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I’m currently getting ready to move into the teen parenting phase. I have a tween girl right now, and things are starting to get interesting.


I have trusted Always brand pads and products for years. I don’t need them anymore but when I did I swore by them.


I know exactly how she feels. It’s an awkward time especially when you’re younger and haven’t gotten used to it yet. I still don’t feel myself at this time of the month.

Lindsey Paris

I will NEVER forget the night I got my first period and Mom raced to the store to get provisions. I was so grateful for her because I was so taken by surprise!


I use Always because they’re such a trusted brand. What cute pictures of you and your daughter.


Sounds like you have a great bond with your daughter. It’s wonderful that she has you to help keep her confident nd healthy. Part of that comes with choosing the right things, including products.


Aww, good pads will definitely help with confidence. It’s nice that she was able to open up and talk about this with you!

Seattle Travel Blogger

I think that is really touching how close you are with your daughter.
It is wonderful that you are able to talk about life’s issues, especially since she is a teenager!


This pad looks great and very comfortable to use. I want to try this


It’s great your daughter is comfortable with you and these more sensitive topics! I think it can be awkward and yet you are the best one to give advice, as you have!


I have 2 teenage daughters and one thing I am grateful for is their ability to talk about such personal things to them. My daughter feels the same way as your daughter,


Nice story. I am passed the teen stage with my daughter. Talking to your children at any age is very important.

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