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Tamar Braxton #Inspiration

Recap: Tamar Braxton Beautifully Exemplifies Faith, Hope, and Love

These days it is not often that you meet someone whose aura of light and positive energy fill the room the moment they walk in. You can automatically feel that that are something special—that the hand of the Universe is on their life. However that is the very thing that happened last night when I was privileged to meet singer and reality star Tamar Braxton.

Tamar Braxton #Inspiration

During a multi-city promotional tour for her upcoming album, ‘Love and War,’ I got a chance to learn more about the baby sister of the famous show business family. Since I don’t watch television much, all I initially knew about Tamar was that she was Toni Braxton’s little sister, she has a husband named Vince, and that she has a beautiful baby boy and an awesome, infectious song about the ups and downs of relationships.  What I discovered during the chat session last night is that there is so much more to her—even far more than what is shown on screen. She is a woman with exemplary faith, grace and resilience. Indeed, she is a glowing example of the power of staying true to who you are and not giving up.

 Tamar Braxton #Inspiration


Here’s a recap of the conversation with Tamar:



About Singing:

Singing is Tamar’s true passion—it’s the only thing she’s ever wanted to do ever since she was her child. Her biggest influence and musical inspiration is…….Mariah Carey.

This is not Tamar’s first time attempting a solo career: she has had five (yes 5) record deals prior to her current one. She stated that the main reason they failed is because of company executives who only wanted her voice and wanted to mold her music and image to fit other singers who were current at the moment. None of them took the time to get to know her for who she truly was or what she wanted to do as an artist.

Similar to Janet Jackson, Tamar wanted to solidify herself as a real vocalist—not just Toni’s little sister standing in the shadows. Because of this, it was important to steer clear of any duets on her upcoming release. She was determined to demonstrate that her voice and talent can definitely stand on its own.

 Tamar Braxton #Inspiration

About Television:

The Braxtons has just been picked up for season 4—Tamar is excited about the opportunity to share more of what life is like within their family.

She had a great time as a host of ‘The Talk’ and adores Joan Rivers. No word yet on if the show will return for the Fall season, but she really hopes that it does and that she is back on the roster.

In her second reality show ‘Tamar and Vince,’ she stated that in the upcoming season viewers will see her evolve from “Tay-Tay” (as she is affectionately called on ‘The Braxtons’) to ‘Tamar’.  She believes that fans and admirers will get a much clearer understanding of who she is and her bond with husband Vince as the show progresses.

As for other on-screen ventures, Tamar is happy with the TV shows for now and is not currently pursuing any acting roles, however she’s not completely ruling it out for the future.

(*Did You Know: Tamar’s 1st acting gig was with Tyler Perry for his stage play, “Madea Goes to Jail”)

 Tamar Braxton #Inspiration

About Self-acceptance, Being Yourself, Personal Choices, and Never Giving Up

Tamar suffers from the skin condition Vitiligo, which is visible on her hands. She shared how initially she was very self-conscious about it, and as a result, she used to do whatever she could to hide her hands all of the time. But over time, she embraced the condition and became comfortable with it. One thing that she said that struck a chord with me was, “When you embrace it and don’t place so much attention on it, other people won’t place attention on it, either.” I loved this because there are lots of times when people get hung up on their ‘imperfections’ or other physical traits that they don’t like about themselves, and they feel that drawing attention to it all the time—or trying to “beat others to the punch” in mentioning it—is the way to go, when in fact, it’s not. It’s always best to embrace everything about yourself, flaws and all. Acceptance of it equals power over it.

  Tamar Braxton #Inspiration

When asked about how she maintains her confidence, Tamar said that she used to try to act like other people in the past, but then she realized that she could only be herself, and that people would have to either accept her for who she is or not. She said that it no longer bothers her to be unaccepted because her self-confidence has grown tremendously over time and continues to grow each day.

She also talked about how she has always been very opinionated (as seen on her TV shows) but being so is what helps her to be comfortable in her roles within each unit of her family (Vince, her sisters, friends, etc.). She credited the shows for helping her to be a better person in each role as well. Vince was in the building too, and the crowd got a quick glimpse of him as Tamar expressed her adoration for him and the love in their relationship.


My favorite part of her talk was on the subject of perseverance, in which she gave some sound advice. With so encountering so many roadblocks before, Tamar shared that she never thought she would have an opportunity to sing or record again. However she didn’t let cause her to lose hope. She said that when it comes to something you really want to do in life, giving up is a personal choice—it is not absolute. She used Jennifer Hudson as an example of how keeping the faith and pressing forward can yield great opportunities and Blessings.


Two of my favorite quotes from Tamar were:

 “Nobody can set your destiny but you and God, and

“If people tell you to stop something you’re passionate about, don’t listen to them—later for them: you keep going.”

  Tamar Braxton #Inspiration

Lastly, Tamar expressed her unending gratitude for the outpouring of love and support from her fans and admirers. She said that singing and performing for people is what she has wanted to do her entire life, and that she does not take any of it for granted.

  Tamar Braxton #Inspiration

I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet Tamar Braxton. She is a beautiful person inside and out and is truly an inspiration.

  Tamar Braxton #Inspiration


Tamar Braxton’s new release, ‘Love and War’ will be available on September 3rd. Her reality show ‘Tamar and Vince’ premieres September 5th and airs Thursdays at 9pmE|8pmC on WeTV.


You can also Connect with Tamar on her website, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  Tamar Braxton #Inspiration

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