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Smart Appliances Unveiled With Mobile App To Reorder Detergent and More at #CES2016

Smart Appliances Unveiled With Mobile App To Reorder Detergent and More at #CES

Imagine you’re set to do laundry, but just realized you’ve run out of detergent and dryer sheets.

That problem can be solved instantly, with the latest innovations in smart home appliances.

Smart Appliances

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), a new smart top-load washer and dryer is being introduced that lets families automatically re-order more supplies through Amazon Dash Replenishment, when they sync their account with a mobile app. The washer cycle counts are used to estimate when the user is running low on supplies and automatically places an order for more detergent, dryer sheets or washer cleaner so families never run out just when they need to do laundry the most.

Smart Appliances Unveiled With Mobile App To Reorder Detergent and More at #CES2016 The same washer, for the first time on a home appliance, will give families the option to donate a desired amount to charity through a mobile app, for every load of laundry completed. These are a few ways companies are using technology for good, and making a real impact on consumers’ daily lives, by giving families full control and more value.

Families will soon have access to fully connected appliance suites, such as Whirlpool’s smart dishwasher, oven and refrigerator, that will help keep them informed and in-control of their appliances. The smart dishwasher can receive wash settings for specific types of dishes like Fine China, from a mobile app. For the latest smart refrigerators, families can remotely use an app to make ice faster in case they’re hosting a party and receive alert notifications in case of a power or WiFi outage at their home. If there’s a problem with your oven’s performance, an app can notify you immediately so you can schedule service or access step-by-step self-help videos.

Many of the latest home automation trends are meant to supplement how families are already interacting with their appliances, by adapting and guiding to provide tangible, every day benefits for the home.

Smart Appliances

Take a closer look below as Ben Artis, Senior Category Manager of Connected Home, Whirlpool and Chelsey Lindstrom, Brand Manager, Whirlpool share more details of some of the latest hi-tech innovations for the home unveiled at CES 2016.



CES 2016 runs from January 6-9 in Las Vegas. For more on the latest in home automation and smart appliances unveiled at CES, visit the Whirlpool website here. You can also connect with Whirlpool on Facebook and Twitter. You can also keep up with the latest from CES by following the hashtag #CES2016 on social media.

Smart Appliances

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