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Help Give Life-Saving Vaccines To Children With Shot At Life #Blogust

Blogust 2014 is a month-long blog relay sponsored by the Shot At Life organization in partnership with the United Nations Foundation to bring vaccines to children in need. It is a campaign that everyone can participate in. There is absolutely no monetary donations involved—all that is needed is a few clicks or taps on your keypad or mobile device.


You (yes YOU!) can help save children’s lives every day in August, just by sharing a blog post! You can share anytime and it costs nothing to do! (so cool, right?!) 🙂


Here’s how it works: each day Shot At Life will share a personal story about Happy and Healthy Firsts on their website. Every time you leave a comment on the story or share it on your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ accounts, Walgreens will donate one vaccine (up to 60,000) a child in need. Plus, the stories are delivered right to your email inbox, so there’s no need to remember to visit the website every day—the stories come to you, you share, and vaccines are donated.


That’s it! It really is as simple as that!


Can a comment or share make a difference? With Blogust, it can indeed! There truly is no easier way to help provide a life-saving vaccine for children around the world who need them most.


So check out the video above, then go to shotatlife.org and sign up to have each day’s post sent to your inbox. Then encourage all of your social media connections to join in too! Every comment and every share makes a difference.


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