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4 Ways to Save While Traveling in Amsterdam

4 Ways to Save While Traveling in Amsterdam


Amsterdam is a city known for its beautiful canals, waterside diners, art museums, breweries and architecture. Fortunately, Amsterdam is now a city that travelers can explore fully without spending their life’s savings. Whether you’re looking for hotels in Amsterdam, a ride to the Van Gogh museum or simply a good bite downtown, here are five tips to help you keep your trip under budget and over expectations:


1. Utilize Amsterdam’s Share Economy

In the days of old, global travel meant booking a car if you wanted to get anywhere. Nowadays, there are plenty of share-based public transit systems to get you from point A to point B. Call an Uber or utilize Amsterdam’s many rented bike stations to get around town. The possibilities are endless and guaranteed to save you a bundle.


2. Look into Tourism Cards

Rather than paying several fees to gain access to several popular attractions, a tourist card has the power to get you into a variety of attractions for one flat price. For example, a tourist card can provide access to the Van Gogh museum as well as the Kröller-Müller Museum without requiring two separate, and pricey, fees. Tourism cards are available at local tourism offices, and often include the of free public transportation passes.


Amsterdam3. Bundle your Hotel

When it comes to cheap hotels in Amsterdam, many of them offer more than just a place to stay. Many Amsterdam hotels, like the Sofitel Legend and Hotel Amsterdam – De Roode Leeuw can be booked as packages that include things like airfare, airport shuttle and complimentary concierge service, which offers added value for a flat rate.


4. Look for Local Food

There are plenty of high priced tourist restaurants in Amsterdam that will put travelers over budget by providing rare “American” fare like hamburgers. Instead of filing your belly at these restaurants, opt for places the locals go. In addition to providing you a taste of new foods, such as the famous Dutch pannenkoek, these restaurants often offer large portions at cheaper prices.


5. Be Souvenir Savvy

When traveling, it can be tempting to buy souvenirs just because they are available on every street corner. Unfortunately, doing this is a guaranteed way to find yourself short on funds. Instead, think twice before buying that “I Love Amsterdam” T-shirt, and consider whether your money might be better spent purchasing something meaningful that will provide years of use and enjoyment, like artwork.


Amsterdam is a beautiful city that should be experienced by travelers far and wide and, thanks to these five easy travel tips, you can now travel to Amsterdam on the cheap without sacrificing experience.


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