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One Great Way to Save Money As a New Mom


There’s no way around it, parenting is expensive! This is especially true when it comes to infants and disposable diapers. I can tell you that in my 22-plus years of parenting, I have tried them all—from pricey ones to the bargain brands. And I can say that as an experienced mom, I would never recommend or trust any diaper for babies other than Luvs! Out of all of the brands out there, it is simply the best—and keeps getting better!

Choosing Luvs for your little one is a great way to save money as a new mom. Luvs gives superb protection at a great price. Plus, because Luvs knows that moms need to save money whenever they can, they always offer great money-saving opportunities for parents with little ones.

There are lots of great ways to save using Luvs right now. Moms can save on Luvs diapers this month with a $2 print-at-home coupon offer. Moms can also take advantage of Luvs’ partnership with Ibotta, where they are offering a limited-time $5 rebate on any boxed variety of Luvs Diapers, 54ct. box or larger.

save money as a new mom

save money as a new mom



save money as a new mom



There are so many reasons why I recommend Luvs for all new moms. The diapers’ large refastenable stretch tabs, make fastening Luvs Diapers super easy – especially when on-the-go. Plus, with Leak Barrier Leg Gathers and a Leakguard Core, and Luvs largest absorbency area ever, there’s no worries about accidental leakage. Luvs truly makes life easier for busy moms by helping to keep leaks in the diaper where they belong, so baby stays dry and comfortable. Above all, a contoured shape hugs baby for a great fit, and a cottony material feels soft and gentle on baby’s skin.

Infanthood is a very special time. Trust me when I tell you that it goes by fast! The last thing that any mom wants is for those precious memories of the early years to be clouded by issues with poorly-fitting, leaky diapers and an unhappy baby. Making the wise choice to use Luvs not only keeps more money in the family budget, it also keeps the treasured moments of mom and baby ones that will always be reflected upon with a smile for years to come.

save money as a new mom

Ibotta Image 1Download the free Ibotta app now on iOS and Android, and search “Luvs” to unlock an exclusive $5 rebate. You can also visit the website to access a Luvs coupon of $2 off any one diaper pack. Print the coupon at home and use it at any mass, discount or grocery stores where Luvs Diapers are sold.

save money as a new mom


For more information on Luvs Diapers, visit www.luvsdiapers.com. You can also connect on Facebook Twitter , and YouTube.

save money as a new mom

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Anything that can stop leaks with a squirmy baby is always good, and so are those savings! I always used Luvs when my kids were babies.

Marcie W.

Diapers can certainly become expensive! I appreciate that Luvs offers affordable quality.


Saving on diapers is always a priority when you’re a new parent. It’s crazy how many you go through!


These are all great tips. I have some friends who are expecting. I will have to share this post with them. I am sure they will find it extremely useful!


I used Luvs all the time when my girls were little. The quality was superb and the cost couldn’t be beat!

Seattle Travel Blogger

Wow, 22 years of being a mom must provide a good deal of wisdom!
I am sure the new moms out there would be thrilled to check into your article.


It sounds like it’s going to have the leading brands make a run for their money. Thanks for the app recommendation, always nice to get free coupons and rebates.

Ann Bacciaglia
Ann Bacciaglia

Luvs are a great brand of diapers. My friend uses them and has never had a complaint.


That’s an awesome deal. I don’t have little ones anymore, but I will share this with my friends.


We always used Luvs. It was always the lowest price yet higher quality than other diapers. PS I love Ibotta!


With so much to buy for baby, it’s great to save where and when you can. Luvs are a great choice for new parents.


I am not familiar with this diaper but for moms, they get any offer just to save. As long as it is good for your baby, saving is just another good thing to have


I am not familiar with this diaper but mother’s will be glad with the discounts though. As long as your baby is safe, saving is just another good thing to have.


I am not familiar with this diaper but mothers will be glad with the discounts though. As long as your baby is safe, saving is just another good thing to have.


I’m pregnant right now with my first so I am soaking up all these tips! These are great money saving tips.


No leaks is key especially for new parents who don’t know what to expect! Luv’s is a tried and true brand I used with my kids too.


I am not a new mom yet but its obvious kids are expensive. I hope this app really helps all new moms and experienced moms with saving with their kids!


Luvs are great pampers for babies! How cool you can offer a coupon to save on those diapers.

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