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Yes You Have The Same Hours In A Day As Beyonce, BUT…

Beyoncé is getting a lot of well-deserved attention lately! From her revamped look and image, to her new surprise album, to her performance with Hubby Jay Z at the Grammys, looks like Queen Bey will continue to stay on fire!


When her self-titled album dropped on the web, website everywhere went crazy. I remember the wave of people—particularly women—who flooded Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, who posted this image:


Some started making random “confessions” about how they desperately need to ‘step their game up’ because if Beyoncé can accomplish so much in such little time, they can, too. Others declared a huge ‘shame on you’ to those whose repertoire was not as full as 32 year-old Pop diva.

Same Hours In A Day As Beyonce

Welp. :-/

Same Hours In A Day As Beyonce

I love Beyonce, and this message surely got me pumped at first. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that although this statement is true (I mean, she is a blood, sweat, and tears human being like the rest of us, right?), to use this as a personal mantra of motivation for doing more in life is not only unfair, it is also unhealthy.

Same Hours In A Day As Beyonce

Let me tell you the reasons why right here, right now. 🙂

Same Hours In A Day As Beyonce

Beyoncé Has a Mega Team

A hit album, worldwide tour, perfume launch, appearances, award show and Super Bowl performances: Beyoncé did none of that stuff all by herself. She has a team—a rather huge team—to help her each and every single step of the way.

Same Hours In A Day As Beyonce


Beyonce’s “Mrs. Carter Show” tour book lists a host of team members (staff) that helped her with the production

The everyday person can only dream of having a few folks to help them achieve their goals, let alone a huge group. Most are going it alone. And since there’s really only 24 hours in a day, that means that some goals have to wait for another day, another month, or another year—or two.

Same Hours In A Day As Beyonce

Beyoncé Does Not Have to Worry About Laundry, Bills, Chores, Home and Car Repairs, Babysitting, Driving, or Getting Dinner on the Table. You Do.

How many times have you been forced decline attending a wonderful event filled with potential opportunities, or turn down a great job offer or promotion because of childcare conflicts? How about the times you had to cancel that summer vacation because of a major repair needed in your home or unexpected bills? Simply put, the day-to-day life management activities that deter our plans and stress us out are handled by other people for Beyoncé. This means more time to think, dream, and plan clearly and freely without hassle. What are ‘simple’ worries to her are major for the rest the world.

Same Hours In A Day As Beyonce

Beyoncé has a HUGE support system of family and friends. And that system has a support system. And that system….

Now before you say, “Isn’t this the same as reason #1?” No, it’s different. The support system is separate from the team. It’s made up of her intimate circle of Husband Jay Z, her Mom Tina and Sister Solange, cousins, and friends like Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland. For most of the world, the team and the support system are one in the same and they lean on each other. This can cause discord and disruption of progress towards goals and dreams. Don’t believe me? Consider this: Beyoncé parted ways with her Father as her manager for this very reason.

Same Hours In A Day As Beyonce

(The most obvious one): Beyoncé has millions of dollars to do what she wants, how she wants, and when she wants to—all at the drop of a hat.

My brother said it best: “When you have expendable income, you can buy whatever you want.” The everyday person may be filled with visions and ideas, but the financial resources are limited. While it’s true that hard work does have the potential to pay off financially, to reach Beyoncé income status takes time. Lots of time. It does not happen overnight.

Same Hours In A Day As Beyonce

Soooooo……..what’s my point??

Same Hours In A Day As Beyonce

Having someone to look up to for motivation is good. In fact, it’s great. However, to constantly compare your life and accomplishments to theirs, and to push yourself to do as much as they are doing will cause nothing but stress, anxiety, and eventually depression. Add this to the wear and tear placed on your body of sleepless nights and over-extending yourself, and you’ll be giving yourself a one-way ticket to physical, mental, and emotional breakdown. When it’s all said and done, it’s just not worth it.

Same Hours In A Day As Beyonce

Use Beyoncé as a source of inspiration, but do not compare your life and accomplishments to hers. Set your own timeline according to your own life, and don’t lose encouragement when you experience delays in your progress. Live your life and to-do list according to you, and you’ll sleep—and live—much better.

Same Hours In A Day As Beyonce

Do you compare your life and goal progression to those of other people? Share with me below or tell me about it at: melisasource@yahoo.com.

Same Hours In A Day As Beyonce

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Key Phrase: “DO YOU”. Yes, this is very liberating. We can have our own Bey moments, but ultimately they belong to us. Thanks for sharing this.


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