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Keeping My Daughter Safe This School Year with One Device


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Wearsafe for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.


My youngest daughter has started her freshman year of school this year. While she is most worried about keeping up with her grades and making new friends, the most important thing to me is keeping her safe.

Because of our family schedule, I am not able to pick her up directly from school once it is over for the day. Her younger brother gets out of school several minutes before she does, and I have to make sure that I’m at the school early so that he will see me the moment he runs out of the door. And since I cannot be in two places at one time, my daughter has to wait outside of her school until I arrive for her.

Having had two other kids go through high school, I know how stressful it can get just thinking about your child’s wellbeing. If something happens, grabbing their cellphone to dial 911 may not be fast – or safe enough to help. I wanted to make sure that my daughter had a better option in case the unthinkable happens.

That is why I got her Wearsafe. It is a tiny device that can be easily worn undetected under clothing, and sends an automatic panic alert that an emergency situation has occurred at the press of a button.



Because of its size, my daughter can hit the button with her arm or elbow promptly and discreetly should trouble arise.





The best part about Wearsafe is that it sends the alert out to designated phones that are registered to the device, and sends GPS location of the person who sent the panic alert. I love this feature because it recognizes if my daughter is traveling or moving or stationary, and I can instantly jump into action. I can notify the police with all of the necessary information including area whereabouts and direction of travel, while heading to locate her myself, too. Plus, I can call 911 right from the Wearsafe app.


Keeping My Daughter Safe This School Year with One Device

In addition to the GPS feature, Wearsafe also includes an audio function that can send me an audio file of 60 seconds before the occurrence at the push of a button. Being able to hear what is going on gives the context of what is happening, and can help tremendously when reporting to the authorities. There is also a group chat feature, which is perfect for our family – my husband, adult children, and myself can all create a virtual situation room to address how to help her should trouble arise, and assess the situation as a team.

The school season has just begun, and we have a long way to go. I am sure that my daughter will make a few friends who would not mind sitting outside and waiting with her until I arrive to pick her up from school. However, until then, I am glad that I set her up with Wearsafe. Since it the only product to offer audio, GPS and group chat, just knowing that she has it with her gives me an immense peace of mind. Heaven forbid, but if something does happen or someone tries to approach her, she can alert me immediately without tipping off the other person. As a busy (and concerned) mom, I view Wearsafe as my daughter’s own personal security companion! I can be at ease for the year as school goes on.


The Wearsafe platform is available online. The device is free with $5 monthly subscription (no commitments). Try it free

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Lisa Favre

I had no idea this device even existed! It is truly brilliant and I would never hesitate giving this to any of my family members.


This is definitely something I will be getting for my daughter. I would feel better if I knew she had someway to discreetly and quickly contact me if she needed help.


Oh I like this! Im always worrying about safety these days.


What an awesome device! I always worry about my girls having to walk home from the bus stop (several streets over). This would really give me peace of mind!


A must have for every parent with young children! Times have really changed and we are not sure if there is danger lurking in the areas where we are supposed to feel safe. I am sharing this post with my cousins and my sisters who have teens and tweens. Wearsafe is the best device to give parents some peace of mind!


Oh this sounds awesome i had no idea about it I will have to check it out for sure for my oldest!


I’ve seen this before and I think it’s brilliant! It’s a great way to protect your daughter especially if they’re in college or if they’re going away on a trip. I love the whole concept.

Lindsey Paris

A very cool device that you hope you will never need. I would be worried I’d hit it by accident all the time, especially at countertop level.


Oh, what a great device. I want to get my son that thing when he grew up.


This is a very handy device. Especially in this day and age with so much junk going on!


Seriously this is amazing. I want two of them, one for each kid!


I didn’t know about this but now I want one for my son. I am always worried and this would ease my mind a bit.


Yes and Yes when it comes to wearsafe, you can’t be too careful 🙂

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