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rise above heart failure HF

Let’s Rise Above Heart Failure Together: An Interview with Dr. Clyde Yancy

Heart failure (HF) is a chronic, progressive condition in which the heart muscle is unable to pump enough blood through to meet the body’s needs for blood and oxygen. Basically, the heart can’t keep up with its workload. One in five Americans will develop heart failure in their lifetime.



Rise Above Heart Failure is a new awareness initiative through the American Heart Association to increase the dialogue about HF and improve the lives of people affected by the condition through awareness, education and support. The goal is to empower HF patients and those who may be at risk of developing the disease to take a more active role in their care, and encouraging small changes that can lead to healthier lifestyles and better disease management and prevention to help people live healthier lives.

When a person has been diagnosed with HF (or any of the underlying conditions that could lead to HF), it is important that they manage their lifestyle habits, as well as keep track of any signs and symptoms that could indicate a progression in their health status, and keep open communication with healthcare provider.


rise above heart failure HF


Recognized Cardiologist and American Heart Association past President Dr. Clyde Yancy discusses the goals of AHA’s Rise Above Heart Failure initiative. He also shared information on how to prevent it Heart Failure, as well as more details of the warning signs to look out for.


Take a look below.



This interview was conducted as part of AHA’s HF Awareness Week activities. The week also featured Actress and Rapper Queen Latifah and her mother Rita Owens sharing their personal experience with Heart Failure.


To Learn more about the Rise Above Heart Failure initiative and HF, as well as additional tips for healthy living and HF management, visit: www.riseabovehf.org.

Rise Above Heart Failure

Watch: Queen Latifah and Mom Share Story of Fight Against Heart Failure #HFWeek #GoRedSTLI am proud to be a Go Red Blogger Ambassador for the American Heart Association, using social media to drive awareness of the fight against heart disease in women in order to live healthier, stronger and longer lives.


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