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Remedies for Rosacea: Help for people with a Common Skin Condition to Get Ready for Summer


While Summer is a great season for most – the warmer months for many it can be particularly challenging if they have rosacea. That’s because of the increased number of potential environmental and lifestyle factors that may cause flushing and thereby aggravate the condition.


Many call the warm months –a triple threat due to sun exposure, hot weather, and vigorous exercise — since all three can be triggers for those with rosacea. And while all those factors can make it harder to control flare-ups and manage symptoms… it is not impossible, and we have a guest to help those with this issue.


Over 16 million people in the US struggle with rosacea, a chronic and recurrent skin condition that can worsen over time. 1


Rosacea causes reddened skin and bumps and blemishes, usually on the face, and can be mistaken for acne, other skin problems or natural ruddiness. 2,3


The warmer months can be particularly challenging for many people with rosacea because of the increased number of potential environmental and lifestyle factors that may trigger flare-ups. 4


More than 82% of people feel their rosacea is uncontrolled, and less than 50% are satisfied with their current prescription treatments, which can lead to overuse or misuse of these products which can trigger or worsen the condition. 5-8  Rosacea can be so challenging to manage that 55% of people with the skin condition and a high disease burden reported they were willing to give up one year or more of their life to cure their symptoms. 9


The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently approved a new treatment that can improve the bumps and blemishes of rosacea and provides significant relief. 10



Some precautions for those with rosacea include: 4


✔                  Protect your face from the sun by using a broad spectrum sunscreen and wearing a hat

✔                  Avoid strenuous outdoor activity from 10am-2pm when sun is hottest

✔                  Break up physical activity to avoid becoming over heated

✔                  Stay cool by carrying cold water when outdoors in the heat


Dr. Ted Lain, Executive Director, Austin Institute for Clinical Research discusses the signs, symptoms, and triggers of rosacea, as well as the latest treatment available for the condition and offer advice to keep rosacea symptoms in check, especially during the summer months.





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