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Life, Love, Pain, and Triumph: How My Faith Was Fortified Through New Beginnings


The saying is true: When God says that He will give you back better than what you lost, believe Him.

Below is my testimony of how the power of Faith turned tears into triumph for me in 2021.



Oh Lord, I was lost and broken

As I struggled through darkness

Searching for the light

You loved me

Like Your one and only*



Oh, Lord… oh, Lord

Through it all

I gave it all to You.


Makeba Giles Faith Health and Home Lifestyle Media


Even though my friends and family turned their back on me

And talked badly about me

And even ridiculed me

Lord, You were there

And You took me in Your arms

You showed me that You care

And You never let go.*



You gave me hope for tomorrow

You took away ALL of my sorrow*



You gave me Life

A Brand New life

So undeserving…

That I never could have imagined.


Makeba Giles Faith Health and Home Lifestyle Media


And I love you from the bottom of

My heart, my mind, and my soul

My heart, my mind, and my soul*



Oh Lord

Through Your unwavering grace and mercy

Grace and mercy that I don’t even deserve, You have shown me



That all of my heartache

All of my pain

All of my trials and tribulations

Were not in vain



For now, every single tear that I have sown through many years

I now reap in abounding joy.


Makeba Giles Faith Health and Home Lifestyle Media


You made me a living testimony

And for these things, I am beyond grateful.



Oh, Lord – thank you for answering my prayer.




*Contains portions of the song, Heart Mind & Soul written, produced, and recorded by El Debarge, Chico Debarge, and Etterline (Mama) Debarge. I do not own the rights to the lyrics – no copyright infringement intended.


Wife. Mom. Believer. Writer. Advocate.

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