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Trying To Quit Smoking? New Mobile App Offers Real-Time Support


Although cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States, one of every five adults still smokes.


What’s even more striking is that a recent survey reveals only 36 percent of current smokers have a plan in place to quit, even though 85 percent of smokers express worry about the health consequences of smokingAnd about half of all smokers have not spoken to a doctor about quitting, even though the advice and support of a healthcare provider can double the odds of successfully quitting smoking.


about-app_mainNow, a new initiative – called Quitter’s Circle – by the American Lung Association and Pfizer helps smokers use technology to face common obstacles associated with quitting. A cornerstone of the initiative is a mobile app and online community. Within a few clicks, Quitter’s Circle users can personalize a quit plan, get support from friends and family, and encouragement to talk with a healthcare provider about quitting, including real-time, mobile access to doctors, so smokers can kick start their quit. Through the quit smoking app, supporters can be invited to join Quit Teams to track their quitter’s progress, receive alerts and offer ‘quitspiration’ when they need support, and even help to crowdfund quit attempts to assist with the cost of quitting.


Albert Rizzo, MD, FACP, FCCP, Senior Medical Advisor of the American Lung Association joined me recently to share more details on this new initiative designed to help the millions of Americans who want to quit smoking. Dr. Rizzo also explained how smoking is continuing to severely impact people’s health, and the important role family, friends and doctors can play in a quit journey.

quit smoking app quitter’s circle

Take a look at the interview below.



To learn more about the quit smoking app, visit: www.quitterscircle.com. To download the Quitter’s Circle app, visit iTunes or Google Play.

quit smoking app quitter’s circle

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