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Queen Latifah Gives Words of Wisdom with The Light

In last week’s music Mondays post, I talked about the importance of refusing to stay down when life deals you a bad hand.  Well, exactly how do you do that?  Where do you start?  How do you develop and build the focus, determination, and most of all, confidence that it takes to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and press forward towards the goals that you want to achieve?  More importantly, how do you keep yourself strong through it all in order to be successful?


Words of wisdom on what it takes to achieve this come from the queen herself, Queen Latifah.  In her song, “The Light”, not only does she speak with an undeniable boldness and power, but she also gives a virtual road map to getting to where you want to be in life.  Step by step, she shares with the listener what to do—and what not to do—along the pathway to achievement.   Her voice rings out like that of the inner conscious: that “first mind” that pushes us back onto the right track at times when our apprehensiveness and uncertainty may cause us to fall off.  This along with a powerful beat and rhythm equates to the perfect prescription to help someone feel empowered and ‘get their mojo back.’


“Get it {girl} – go on get it: uh oh

A lot of pressure a lot to prove

But keep your cool: uh oh

A lot of pain – A lot of blues

Much to gain – much to lose

A lot of lies weigh on you: negativities/untruths

But it’s yours {baby girl} – it’s yours: of course

Don’t you know I’m here to win

Prove myself of thicker skin…..”


In much of the song she is speaking of the entertainment industry, however her words can be applied to any industry or area of life.  Anyone from a student to a seasoned professional considering a career change can relate to the pearls of wisdom she shares here.  Queen Latifah lets us know that if we believe in ourselves and stay focused and true to our goals and passions, we can indeed make it to our own personal light that we aspire to.



Enjoy today’s Music Mondays selection, Queen Latifah’s “The Light.”




Have a song that would be perfect for Music Mondays? Share below or tell me about it at:  melisasource@yahoo.com


**You can find more words of wisdom and empowerment from Queen Latifah in the newest issue of Essence Magazine


photo credit: queenlatifiah.com



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Wow my all-time fav soul/r’n’b song! Her voice is so charming… and the message, that really inspires me when I am getting down. Thanks for posting it!

Makeba Giles
Reply to  Cindy

Greetings: I am glad to know that this song and post are inspiring to you — and you are so right: this song is one that carries a very empowering message! ~Thank you so much for commenting! 🙂


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