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covid travel

Psychotherapist & Author Dr. Mike Dow on the Importance of Travel for Mental Health



With back to school mode in full swing across the country, families are finding it increasingly difficult to draw a clear line between work and play, with quality “together” time blending into the 24/7 shuffle. This fall is the perfect time to take a quickie trip to relax and reconnect.


covid travel


However, families seem to feel uneasy about traveling right now. According to a recent travel survey from online travel site Hotwire, 62% of Americans haven’t taken a vacation day since the start of COVID. Although it is understandable that many families feel this way, staying at home and in the same routine can affect mental health.




The benefits taking a break from the norm to incorporate travel to the mix of this ‘new normal’ are endless. Including:


Quality time: Getting out of the house/your everyday environment and staying at a hotel in a fun destination will not only keep you from cooking and cleaning, but also give you the motivation to cut off work or school at a certain time each day to go out and explore or do something fun together.


Boosted creativity: A new environment also means new learning opportunities for kids, and research shows that a change of scenery boosts creativity and energy levels significantly


Change of scenery: Getting out of your regular surroundings, even if just for 2-3 days, can be extremely beneficial to one’s mental health.


Psychotherapist and best-selling author Dr. Mike Dow is the author of The Brain Fog Fix, Healing the Broken Brain, and Diet Rehab. He joined me to share more about why even a short “quickie” trip with family can have significant positive effects on your mental health and is important for your total health. He also discussed how to prepare yourself to stay safe and how to deal with COVID stress and anxiety while traveling.

covid travel

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