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Prostate Cancer

Caring For My Husband’s Health: Prostate Cancer And Other Concerns

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My husband will be turning 50 in a few months. As he enters into this new chapter of his life, a new list of things to do for health management and care come into play for him. We now have to be more mindful of proper eating habits and exercise, as well as making sure that he stays on schedule with necessary health screenings.

There are numerous health concerns that I have for him. However, the health concern that makes me the most nervous is prostate cancer. Although there are people in his family background who have succumbed to other forms of cancer, there have also been men in his family that have developed prostate cancer in their later years. I want us both to do all that we can to minimize his risk for cancer as much as possible.


Prostate Cancer


One of the primary ways to do this is through early detection for proper treatment. When it comes to prostate cancer, Prolaris is a genetic test for prostate cancer that combines traditional risk factors with molecular assessment. Prolaris is also the only test that measures how fast prostate cancer cells are dividing. The information obtained from this test can help the doctors choose better treatment choices for men who are diagnosed with the disease.



As a wife, I understand that one of the most important roles I have to take care of my husband’s health and well-being. This means keeping track of when each and every health screening is due, and contacting our family physician when I suspect any health problems. I know that about 1 in 6 American men receive a diagnosis of prostate cancer in their lifetime. Heaven forbid, but if my husband does become diagnosed, I want us to have all of the information about it that we need to have more confidence in the decisions we make about his medical care. With the screening information provided by Prolaris, if time comes, we will be able to do exactly that.


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prostate cancer

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Carol Cassara

This is such an important public service message.


Such an important topic thanks for sharing with us all this valuable information.

Zena's Suitcase

Conditions like this are such a worry aren’t they. I nag my husband all the time to check these things out, as I know he wouldn’t other wise


This is so important! I’m basically forcing my husband to go be checked! I don’t think everyone quite gets how important it is!


Prostate cancer is definitely something that men need to be aware of! It’s important to get checked.

Mama to 5 BLessings

I am sorry that your husband was diagnosed with this. Thankfully he has a wonderful wife to stand by his side.


It is always so important as wives to look out for our husbands, because they tend to take things for granted.


Early detection is so, so important with cancer of any type.


[…] Prostate cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer deaths in Black men; and Black men are 2.2 more times more likely to die from the disease than white men. […]

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