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Portable Technology: Streamlining Life One Device At A Time


It’s ten-o-clock: do you know where your technology is?

Technology has now become an integral part of everyday life and it has changed the way we communicate, organize, entertain ourselves, and work. The demand for smaller and more portable devices has been met by the manufacturers of tablets, laptops and smartphones, and these have led to a major lifestyle change for most of us. Most of us now take our portable technology for granted, but these devices have definitely made everyday life noticeably easier.


Essential communications device

Most people would now consider smartphones to be an essential tool and 1.75 billion people own one; a further 4.55 billion of us own a mobile phone. We may like to relax in the bath and talk on our cordless phones but when it comes to being constantly connected to others it’s the mobile phone we reach for before leaving home. Although you can video chat (for free in many cases) with friends around the world using smart technology, this little device allows us to do a lot more than just talk on the phone. We can browse the web, pay bills, watch films, listen to music and even shop online using this now indispensable and inexpensive piece of portable technology.


portable technology #portabletechnology #portabledevicesConstantly connected

Almost 40% of the world is now hooked up to the internet and that’s around three billion people who are online. The popularity of the internet has naturally led to an increase in personal computers such as laptops and those little tablets. Most of us use these devices primarily as communications tools but they’re also our major source of home entertainment including on demand films, gaming and even socializing. But portable technology has made everyday tasks a little easier – think how simple it is now to check bank accounts, have groceries delivered to your home or even find a job and earn a living online.


On the move tech

The introduction of smaller and more robust tablets and smartphones means we are constantly online no matter where we are. People monitor their heart-rates during jogging sessions using smartphones and smart watches. We can book a dinner reservation on the way to work using our phone or even book a vacation while sitting in the park during a lunch break. We read books, newspapers, catch up on television shows and can even set up a date simply by swiping our fingers over that touch-screen, and this can be done 24/7 no matter where we are.


Technological advances are increasing at a rapid rate and we can now even utilize voice control to tell our devices to perform tasks. Our smartphones and laptops are becoming ever more intuitive and this can only make our lives a little (or a lot) easier. It’s easy to take these devices for granted but consider life without your portable technology – what would you be doing right now?

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