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Poise Microliners Give Busy Moms All The Confidence They Need

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This weekend I am in San Jose, California for the 10th annual BlogHer Conference. The days are filled with back-to-back sessions, agency expos, and tons of walking. This means very limited time to locate—and get to—a bathroom when needed. Convention center restrooms can be scarce, too.

When the urge to use the restroom hits in the middle of a conference session or while I’m talking to a company, I cannot just run out of the door immediately. I might have to wait to go. However after birthing four children, my bladder is certainly no what it used to be. As much as I hate to admit it, a leak may happen. Since I certainly do not want to be embarrassed, I make sure I pack plenty of Poise Microliners to have with me on every trip.

Poise Microliners give me a higher state of confidence because I know that any sudden leak that may occur is under control. The SAM (Super Absorbent Material) that the Poise Microliner has is much better for me than regular feminine care products. The liners are also very comfortable. I can go from a traveling for a conference to running errands at home, and I am never able to detect that it is on.

Poise Microliners

Going through the ups and downs of my busy days can be a challenge all by itself. Although I really wish that I did, most times I do not have the option to press the ‘pause’ button if and when I need to. That is why I am glad that I have found Poise Microliners – they are the light bladder leakage solution for me. SAM never fails me!

Poise Microliners


Want to try the new, shockingly thin and surprisingly absorbent Poise® Microliners for yourself? Go to Poise.com to learn about the Poise® pads and liners and request a Poise Microliners free sample Here.

Poise Microliners

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