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Greenery Year-Round

Planting for Four Seasons: How to Get Greenery Year-Round

Greenery Year-Round is on the wish list of every homeowner.


Are your proud of your vibrant flowers and foliage, but saddened when winter rolls around? A four-season garden may be just the ticket to converting your winter blues to green. By selecting a mix of evergreen plantings and flowering plants with varying peak bloom times, you can turn your barren tundra into a vista of visual appeal you can enjoy all year long.


If you’re unsure how to design your landscaping for season-to-season enjoyment, here are some plants that will give your property a colorful vista all year long.


Early Bloomers

Planting for Four Seasons: How to Get Greenery Year-Round
Many gardeners look forward to the first spring thaw because they know it will be time to till the garden soon. However, there are a number of hardy flowering plants that love cold weather and make their first appearance when others are still hibernating. We’ve also found a handful that bloom late into fall.


Sweet Pea

Planting for Four Seasons: How to Get Greenery Year-Round

The Sweet Pea is one of the better-known early flowers. It’s the official flower of the month of April and can climb up to six feet on a trellis.

If planted late in the fall, it will begin to bloom soon after first spring thaw and keep it’s pink or purple blooms well into summer. Kick off the growing season with this cool-season favorite.


Cinderella Stock

This clove-scented flower is another early spring arrival. It tolerates frost to keep it blooming late into fall; in moderate climates it will continue to release fresh flowers all year long.


In places where winters are harsh, it should be planted in early spring. Plant these any place you want to enjoy their scent.


Snow Princess Sweet Alyssum

This ground cover flower resembles Quenn Anne’s Lace and really loves cold weather. It’s at its peak in fall and spring, but can bloom year round in more temperate climates.

The blooms range from white to pink or purple, and they look great as a low border or in a hanging basket. They’re also good blossoms for butterfly gardens.


Classic Fantastic Cornflower

Planting for Four Seasons: How to Get Greenery Year-Round

This variety of the striking blue daisy-like flower comes out early in the spring. Cornflower makes its appearance in early spring.


Also called the Bachelor’s Button, some strains also grow pink or white flowers. It’s so hardy, you can literally toss a handful of seeds in a snowbank and look for the first appearance shortly after the spring thaw. It looks great with roses, poppies, and larkspur.



Planting for Four Seasons: How to Get Greenery Year-Round

This is a bright, showy bloom that will add interest to any corner of your yard. They grow better in bad conditions, so choose a nasturtium if you have a less than green thumb. The flowers are edible and keep blooming from early spring until well after the first frost.


Winter Foliage

Planting for Four Seasons: How to Get Greenery Year-Round

Cold weather is known for plants like holly and mistletoe, but you don’t have to stay with shrubbery or evergreen trees if you’re looking for winter foliage. Here are some flowering plants that change their colors with the seasons.


Trachelospermum jasminoides

Trachelospermum jasminoides Planting for Four Seasons: How to Get Greenery Year-Round

Trachelospermum is a variety of Jasmine that’s another climbing flower with a heavenly scent. It’s an evergreen, so even after the bods have disappeared, you’ll still enjoy lush foliage on a trellis or fenceline; left untended, they can even take over and create a curtain of greenery. In autumn, the foliage takes on a reddish colour that looks great with other fall colors.



A relative of the better-known lavender plant, this strain also has the characteristic silvery-green leaves and purple flower heads. Another ideal planting for a butterfly garden, they’re also a favorite of honeybees. With regular trimming, it will remain beautiful throughout the cold seasons.


Prairie Sun

With large, bright orange flowers on low bushes, this is like having a miniature sunflower bush. The regular growing season is summer to late fall.

Like the sunflower, it also re-propagates its seeds; it can also come back from the root and bloom again if the winter is mild. The flowers are nearly half a foot wide, and they make a wonderful addition to butterfly or cutting gardens.



This border plant is truly one for all seasons. They love shade, and the foliage changes throughout the year.


Spring and fall bring out bronze foliage with distinctive green veins that darken as the weather becomes colder. Late winter to early spring brings out delicate yellow flowers that bloom into summer.

Greenery Year-Round

Your outdoor spaces provide visitors and prospective buyers with a first impression of your home. Investing in professional landscape design is a wise move that will guarantee greenery year-round plus pay dividends. Toronto landscaping services is a good first step. It will save you time, money and hassle over DIY while upgrading your property’s aesthetics. Show your pride of ownership while beautifying your home environment.

Greenery Year-Round

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