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family planning for summer vacation

Our Family Planning For Summer Vacation Has Officially Begun


Our family planning for summer vacation has officially begun. We have taken week-long trips to Florida during summer vacation for the last two years. All of us had such a good time that Hubby and I are considering spending the entire summer there this year. Our idea is to surprise the kids by renting a van once we get there and being ‘explorers’ – spending a few weeks each in various cities across the Sunshine state.

While we both believe that this is one of the best ways to spend summer vacation, booking travel and lodging is the easy part. The challenge we have found during our family planning for summer vacation is ensuring that we have a wide mix of activities so that no two city visits will be the same.

We also would like to branch out from the amusement parks and museums that Florida is so famous for, and try new experiences as a family. Hubby loves golf, and suggested that we spend our days in Boca Pointe at a country club. My initial response was that it would be too pricey, but he found a great country club at Boca Pointe that doesn’t break the bank. In fact, I was surprised at how affordable it is for all of the amenities that they offer. I told him that I would definitely consider it.

Another suggestion we’re considering during our family planning for summer vacation is a tour of the Everglades. I shared with Hubby how much in awe I was when I flew over the area for the first time while traveling to Ft. Lauderdale a few years ago. I know that the kids would love to see it up close as much as I would. After all of my begging, Hubby said that he will think about it.


I guess that’s only fair. 😉


With all of the major life milestones that we have happening in our family this year, it would be nice to celebrate (and recuperate!) by spending the entire summer taking in the fun, sun, and relaxing vibes of Florida. I can easily see it being very beneficial for us!  I truly hope that everything works out for us to be able to do it.

family planning for summer vacation

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